Yes, There Is Cause For Optimism

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11 Responses

  1. chana says:

    I think Lapid is quite aware of the number of Israelis fasting on Yom Kippur, as per his speech at Kiryat Ono. In fact, such numbers lend themselves to his argument that “religion is more popular when not legislated.”
    Other than that, this was an awesome post that really made me miss Israel 🙁

  2. L. Oberstein says:

    Glad to see a piece by David Landesman. What he is describing is the fact that Oriental Jews never experienced the Enlightenment. They maintain their belief in the truth of the Torah, even if they personally aren’t so strict. The Shas Party restorred the crown to the sephardim and gave them the backbone to stand up to those who made them feel they were second class in every way. Rabbi Ovadiah is old and weak and who knows what the future holds for that party. I think you can’t draw any comparisons between what he observed and the secular Israelis of Tel Aviv. They are children of scoffers and they had little traditional observances in their homes, they are much different in mentality than the Oriental Jews. Yair Lapid deep down believes these people are “primatives’ and he genuinely fears they will take over the country. Who knows? Time will tell.

  3. SA says:

    Thank you! What a great piece to read on erev Yom Tov!

  4. dr. bill says:

    your last paragraph is reprehensible. how dare you assert that Yair Lapid is threatened by Jews fasting on Yom Kippur. he respects religion, not coercion. your characterization of him requires you to ask his forgiveness, otherwise your fasting would not be sufficient.

    what i see is that the so-called chiloni population becoming less extreme. i wish i could say the same about all elements of the religious population.

  5. BTG says:

    I once heard from Rabbi Berel Wein that the two times on the Jewish Calendar that have the highest participation (approximately 80%) are Kol Nidrei night and the Seder on Pesach. The reason for this, he explained, is that’s when we are most inclusive and less judgmental of our less religious brethren. At Kol Nidrei we ask to include the “avaryanim” – transgressors, while the Seder includes all fours sons, even the Rasha. It’s no accident that people will join in when they are made to feel welcome.

  6. jbs says:

    Great article until the last line. I don’t think Yair Lapid is against religious observance. Just against a culture of dependency and lack of public service.

  7. Joseph says:

    That was an inspiring article … up until, but not including the last line. Even if it were true, it was in poor taste.

  8. Allan Katz says:

    Imho I think R’ Landesman gets it wrong when it comes to Lapid. He is not worried about the % of Jews that fast because most frum Jews including many chareidi Jews agree with him , that the state should limit it support to ‘lomdei Torah ‘ only to the brilliant ones. And that’s his agenda. He further caught people off guard by claiming to respect religion just against lack of public service and a culture of dependency. His merciless and ruthless budget cuts, especially those affecting children and the families of people in learning show his true colors. He is anti-chareidi and does not want that ‘ religion’ should have any power in Israel. My criticism of Lapid does not absolve the chareidi leadership for a certain responsibility for the poverty and hardships of the chareidi community . Time will tell if these 75% of Israelis who fast will support Lapid’s policies and budget cuts against children and the chareidi community

  9. dan raten says:

    Great post. Those offended by the last line of your post clearly dont live or experience the change in culture Lapid is trying to bring about in Israel. His image for the state is clearly not one where there will be this type of public display of religion.

  10. Jewish Observer says:

    “Great article until the last line”

    “That was an inspiring article … up until, but not including the last line”

    – it seems there is an irresistible impulse, even by the good guys, when taking a position that is not classically haredi, to slip in a shtoch. Perhaps this is to, even unwittingly, leaving incontrovertible evidence of not being modern

  11. Sam Zimmerman says:

    Agree with all the commentors who loved the article,except for the last unnecessary line. On a personal note, Dodi, I still fondly remember Succos at your house thirty six years ago. Thank you for that, and regards

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