A Letter, and A Response

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5 Responses

  1. ralph neuman says:

    This whole “shakla vitarya” is a great illustration of the the left wing tick that jonah goldberg of national review frequently documents. I’m refering to the total ininability of many on the left to be aware of their blatant biases no matter how glaring it is to any outside observer.

  2. SA says:

    We all have biases. Many Orthodox readers (like myself) will automatically read anything in the Forward about the Orthodox/hareidi community, while skipping articles about the Reform and Conservative, or the paper’s book reviews, or their recipes because they may be of less interest. So of course it will seem as if there’s been inordinate coverage of our community.

    Ms. Eisner’s response seemed fair. Orthodox spokesmen and writers should be prepared to step up to the plate and take her up on her offer.

  3. Whoa Nelly says:

    I suspect the simple fact that they could not even get the addressee’s name correct, a basic courtesy at a minimum, speaks volumes about their policy of accurate reporting and their editorial capabilities.
    I briefly scanned the articles about Lipa’s music video. Boy do these guys come across as pretentious, smarmy and condescending.
    Frankly Mr. Glinter comes across as a nudnik, if not worse with his inane comment about his dislike for the ultra orthodox community because they do not share his appreciation for what he considers fine art. I am sure he appreciated the fine art of Chris Ofili. (You know, the elephant dung artist).
    I wonder what would be his response to a comment that of the Ultra Orthodox communities problems with him and his community is the blatant disregard for Torah and its rules, the even less than mediocre logic and lack of moral compass.
    Both the columns about Lipa were just silly. All it was an opportunity to throw in some gratuitous remarks. Which is basically all that I have ever seen in the Forward, a continuing series of gratuitous remarks. It is singularly vacant of any purpose. Yet another opportunity to question how the heck this rag maintains its exempt status. That is the true financial scandal.

  4. Steve Brizel says:

    Super response-Given the obvious biases extant at the Forward, I question whether any approach to clear the record other than Moscho LBeis HaMedrash and envelope the authors thereto with ropes of Ahavas Yisrael ( to paraphrase the CI) will be effective in the long run.

  5. Steve Brizel says:

    SA-name one issue where the Forward has devoted as much time and space to R and C Judaism’s leaders, and activities.

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