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5 Responses

  1. Nachum says:

    Why is refusing to abide by U.N. standards of warfare considered to be “acting like everyone else?” Just the opposite, I’d say, much as it may trouble the tender-hearted.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Imagine if an Orthodox group in Israel became numerous enough to win outright majorities in national elections and take the reins of power. This could happen down the road. Which such group is now the closest to being ready to assume all responsibility for domestic and foreign policy on behalf of the whole nation? Is that really close enough? If it’s not near ready, how will it ever get to that point?

  3. Raymond says:

    The whole phenomenon of the self-hating Jew is a very strange one to me, something that I do not truly understand. It is as if some Jews within our own ranks, have adopted the mindset of the very people who love to hate and murder us. I have a hard time believing that such a mindset is borne purely out of ignorance of our Jewish heritage. Then again, it never hurts to know more about our people, and knowledge is power, so educating our fellow Jews in the ways of Judaism, would seem to be at least one way to bring some self-hating Jews over to the positive side of things. Even so, I still do not see how anybody can use such ignorance as an excuse, given how many good Jewish books written in English that are available for anybody to read.

  4. David Kerner says:

    “… the socialist Zionist poet Avraham Shlonsky compared the roads being built by the pioneers to straps of phylacteries, and the houses to its black boxes.” A beautiful image. Just don’t chuck the actual putting on tefilin!

  5. mycroft says:

    I read the book as a result of your post. Very interesting-assuming one has infinite time it is worth reading. It reminds anyone who tends to think about Israel through their machene exclusively that other approaches are held by people who sacrificed for the Jewish people.

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