Kids of Courage: Beyond Miracles

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6 Responses

  1. Harotzeh B'ilum Shemo says:

    I never gave much thought to these organazations, I always respected and them and looked up to those who worked in them, A relative of mine married a guy very involved in this organazation, and I have seen alot more of what really goes on, I think that all of you volenteers and everyone else who is involved, includung those who smile and laugh in the face of death everyday are the most slefless and amazing people ever! today I was having a hard time dealing with being rejected by a date that I really liked, after reading this i can’t believe how selfish I am!! how can I who B”H have a fully functioning body and mind and a great future ahead of me be so blinded by these things ,I want to really thank KOC and the author of this article for putting this out and for all of the chessed that you do, thank you for opening my eyes!!! Hatslacha Rabbah to you all

  2. Stuart Ditchek says:

    Dear Rabbi Adlerstein:
    Thank you for the beautiful description of our west coast trip this year. Your presence added such a great element to the Shabbos as always. I value your sincere insights into what Kids of Courage represents. Sometimes a person does not see the diamond for it’s true beauty when too involved. Your articles help me and others remember why we all do what we do.

    May Hashem bless you and your entire family with endless health, wellness and nachas!

    Dr. D

    • Yitzchok Adlerstein says:

      For readers who didn’t recognize the source of the words above, the comment was written by the legendary Dr D, one of the luminaries in a cast of superstars. Besides being a brilliant physician, he is probably the reason why so many doctors have so little bedside manner – the malach upstairs in charge of allocating it got lazy, and gave Dr D what was supposed to be apportioned to a thousand of his colleagues.

      Chazal say “Hillel mechayev es ha-aniyim.” Hillel obligates the poor to achieve excellence in Torah, because few know penury as severe as his, and yet he did not let it get in the way of his learning. Had they known Stuart Ditchek, they would have written that “Dr D mechayev es ha-professionals.” He proves that you can rise to the top of the professional practice of medicine, raise a family, learn, and still find time to take responsibility for a major task that will leave a mark, and see the job through to completion.

  3. David F. says:

    That KOC deserves kudos for their wonderful work [and our support dollars] goes without saying. Yet, after being solicited by so many tzedakah organizations [many of whom are eminently worthy of our support] sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between one and the next. I imagine that since I do not have a close family member in need of their services, I cannot even begin to appreciate the gift they gave these youngsters. We’ve been hit by the infertility bug in our family so I get to see ATime and the other infertility organizations and send much of my maaser money their way. This article exposed me [and perhaps others] to another wonderful organization and for this I am very grateful to Rabbi Adlerstein. I know he left this out of the article, but if my memory serves me correctly it is his own son whom we have to thank for founding KOC – am I correct on this?

  4. Shmuel Burstein says:

    Yishar Koach to all the mal’achim of KOC. Frankly, Rabbi, I found this story and the attendant articles on the KOC website, to be a source of “Elul reading,” as per your earlier query/entry.

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