Has Anyone Found Bugs in Nori?

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3 Responses

  1. Shlomo says:

    In the three volume Hebrew set on insects in food by Rav Vaye, on pages 234-235 of Volume 1, he shows a picture of crabs in seaweed, but I don’t know what type of seaweed it is.
    I’m pretty sure that once one of the talmidim in my yeshiva in Jerusalem found a seahorse in some seaweed, but again I don’t know what type it was.

  2. mb says:

    I haven’t found them in strawberries either.

  3. Ellen says:

    My friend’s brother has a sushi business in Bet Shemesh. Several years ago they discovered bugs in the nori, and worked with the kashrus organizations first to pass along an alert and then to reestablish a “mehadrin” possibility for sushi establishments here. I think the OU was very helpful in the process also. If you want to speak with him you have my email.

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