Selective History

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9 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    OK, now that we see this problem with the BBC (again), what do we do now if they are set on misrepresentation? Merely trying to acquaint them with the facts is insufficient, since they freely ignore or distort known facts.

  2. Garnel Ironheart says:

    This is completely consistent with the world’s actions towards Yerushalayim. The Muslims can be seen as impartial guardians of the place, so can the Vatican but not them Jews!

  3. Leah says:

    IMO I would give this one over to Honest Reporting. Yes, it is most likely that the documentation will still get to the unknowing and uncaring at university campuses, yet we should not say,”oh well, too bad” and let it slip thru…… if some outlet like HR could make a counter documentary that would be aired this may help somewhat.

  4. Nachum Lamm says:

    The crescent wasn’t a symbol of Islam until centuries after the Crusades. So much for history…

  5. Nathan says:

    From where I stand, what seems more relevant is why people who consider themselves to be loyal members of the Jewish people continue to purchase Israel-bashing publications like the New York Times.

    Like all bad habits, it is difficult to stop doing, and the Jews who purchase that anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-Judaism newspaper stubbornly resist logical arguements which demonstrate why is is wrong to read that newspaper.

  6. L. Oberstein says:

    I sometimes read the NY Times to find out what is happening. It actually has real news. Of course, there is a bias in any paper but we try to use our brains. There is an arrogance on the left, but also a very strong antipathy to science and truth on the far right. If you feel more comfortable with the “know nothings” just be thankful that you live in a democracy where your rights to make up your own mind are protected. Don’t assume that Israelis can have many political points of view, but Americans must all identify with one view. The extremists on both sides are true believers that their solution will solve Israel’s existential dilemna. Israel is in a precarious position and the far right policies just engender more anti-Israel feeling. Tjat does not mean that the far left policies wouldn’t hasten a tragic end. It’s a real mess and we have to rely on the One Above to miraculously help our little Medina survive in this very dangerous world.

  7. L. Oberstein says:

    Now, to the British TV program. The Europeans have no idea what to do with Islam. Islam is a religion that has kept women subjugated and encourages a way of thinking that has kept a large segment of the planet backward and torn by strife. The myth that it is a peaceful religion is wishful thinking. There is a difference between a person who believes in “mult-culturalism” and one who is too obtuse to see Islam for what it is.It is not another flavor or religion, it is a danger to humanity and most of all to the millions of oppressed women who suffer physical mutilation, lifetime bondage and neglect by husbands who can marry multiple wives without even informing the previous wives. Honor killings are rampant, not just in Somalia and Saudi Arabia but in Europe and the USA. The stupid British are putting their heads into the sand and also they are anti-semites.
    If one worries about Israel’s viability,as I do , this is just a prelude to when Europe is overtaken by those who have not yet entered the modern world. There is a war against civilization and we are not willing to admit it. Read any book by Muslim women on what life is really like in these countries and even in Europe in their closed areas of residence.

  8. another Nathan says:

    The brilliant anthropologist Edmund Carpenter commented in the 1970’s about a book The Family of Man, which was trying to show: “that there is absolutely no difference between people. Though people differ in color & creed, they all love, quarrel, protect their children, etc., exactly as we do.” Dr. Carpenter made the incisive observation: “The message is clear: we should love them because they are like us. But that statement has its questioning brother: what if they aren’t like us?”
    The BBC, the New York Times, and other mainstream media are falling all over themselves trying to prove that the others “are like us” despite all the evidence to the contrary. They tell us to love the other, even though the other is trying to kill us.

  9. Ori says:

    It appears that a lot of Europeans see the west bank as a new Sudetenland, and Israel as a whole as a Czechoslovakia (in the 1930s). A regrettable sacrifice somebody else (not them) will need to make to keep the peace.

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