Why Are Torah Jews So Happy?

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1 Response

  1. a yid says:

    Religious people in general are happier. Religious Jews, I am not so sure. The pressures created by today’s frum society are almost too great to bear. Most of my acquaintances in my age group (say 28-35) are buckling under the pressure of parnassa, lack of opportunity given their deficient secular education, shidduchim, yearly rising cost of tuition extortion, emunah problems emanating from a yeshiva education lacking in foundations of emunah and hashkafa, being overwhelmed with the large number of children that they thought they halachically (or at least hashkafically) had to bear, keeping up with the Goldsteins, etc…. The “system” has led them off a cliff, and little by little they are waking up to this fact.

    I’m not talking about people who are not frum or even people who are contemplating not being frum (chas veshalom). Just describing Yankle and Shmerel next door…

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