Usain Bolt and the Jewish Problem

For those who missed it, Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter who holds the world and Olympic records in the 100 and 200 meter dash. That’s the context for the following commentary posted on YouTube by another Jamaican (in 2010):

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt of Jamaica, was just beaten by American Tyson Gay in a 100 meter track and field event in Stockholm. I want to blame the Jews.

(Laughter) I’m just joking, that makes no sense. I know my humor sounds racist, I apologize I can’t help it.

Is it racist? No, because he’s not lampooning the Jews. He has perfectly encapsulated (and lampooned) anti-Semitism. It makes no sense, and that’s the point.

Who started the riots in Libya? According to Louis Farrakhan, Jews and Zionists trying to provoke the US into war.

Who murdered Vittorio Arrigoni, a member of the anti-Israel “International Solidarity Movement” (think Rachel Corrie), for the “crime” of “spreading western immorality in Gaza“? According to a German MP and Italian demonstrators, Israel put him to death.

Anti-Semitism has always defied logic and reason, ever since Pharoah and his advisors decided that the descendants of Joseph and his family — the same Joseph that saved Egypt from famine — were liable to join Egypt’s enemies in an imagined upcoming war, and commit the great crime of leaving (Exodus 1:10). We read in the Haggadah that this happens “in every generation” — that there will be those who seek our destruction, similarly without logical basis.

It is so overwhelming, pervasive, and unreasonable, throughout human history and even around the world today, that a young man from Jamaica (Jewish population: about 200) understands it perfectly.

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  1. Barzilai says:

    I don’t think you should gang up on Minister Farrakhan. You don’t realize that he is a fellow Jew. Why do I say that? Because the media has recently been coming up with great aunts and camel sellers that claim that Gadaffi’s mother was Jewish. As you know, Farrakhan has said that he is Gadaffi’s “brother.” If Gadaffi is Jewish, and Farrakhan is his brother, you know what that makes Farrakhan. So it behooves us to be nice to our poor, demented brother.

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