IRAC by the Numbers

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4 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    They are part of the modern liberal religion, with all that carries with it.

  2. rejewvenator says:

    Reb Yaakov, they’ve singled out all state rabbis who use racist speech. If those rabbis don’t like being targeted, they should stop using racist speech, not stop being Orthodox… that all state rabbis are Orthodox is a separate problem IRAC tries to fix, too.

  3. Yaakov Menken says:

    That’s hardly a surprise — according to IRAC, the Chumash is racist. Chosen people, anyone?

    Israel recognizes most any religion that applies — Catholics, Greek Orthodox, and assorted Protestant denominations are all recognized separately. If Reform would apply for separate recognition, they would get it — but they know that secular Israelis may never go to shul, but the shul they never go to is Orthodox.

    So instead of being honest, they try to coerce the Rabbinate to change the definition of Judaism. Let’s put people who know nothing about, nor care about, things like the Laws of Niddah, in charge of the Mikvah. What a brilliant idea!

  4. Jon Baker says:

    Don’t forget, the director of the IRAC, Anat Hoffman, is also the chairperson of the Women of the Wall.

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