Not Your Average Mirrer

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4 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    I think that R Lewis ZL was a former RCA president and that in a volume of letters from RYBS on various communal issues, he was the addressee as to why RYBS disapproved of the RCA being involved in the JPS translation of Tanach.

  2. dr. bill says:

    The few that i had the zechut to meet always were much more inspiring than their romaticized image that is often depicted. YZB.

  3. Jewish Observer says:

    Shkoyach! IN my quest for information about yesteryear, I have read his stuff about the Mir with great interest, almost pathalogically nostalgic for a world I never knew

  4. Mordechai says:

    Steve, I think that was Rabbi Theodore Adams. I don’t think the RCA has ever had an Irish Rabbi at the helm. 😉

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