Yechezkel’s Kever

Unless you are on active duty with the United States military in Iraq, this fascinating video is the closest you are going to get for a while to the inside of Yechezkel’s tomb, venerated by Muslims as well. (There is something ironic and comical in watching Iraqis at 0:24 prostrate themselves in front of an inscription asking Hashem that “his merit should protect us and all Israel.” For mishnayos aficionados, there is a great still at 3:03 of a man working a loom not very different from those in the times of Chazal. You can also replace the blank image you had of Nehar Peras/ Euphrates with some color images of the real thing.

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3 Responses

  1. saul says:

    Fascinating with the Hebraic Alphabet and Pesukim lining the walls.

    IMHO, too much cash and assets are spent renovating, rebuilding, fixing and securing the cemeteries of old. Use the money to service the living in educational programs. Close the door on the European Cemeteries in anti-Semitic countries (even my ancestors/relatives), a lost cause.

  2. Moshe says:

    Notice how the references to how the Jewish population just happened to have left is completely sanitized…

  3. rachel w says:

    Anyone who truly believes in Techiyas Hameisim should not write off our ancestors’ graves in a cavalier manner.

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