Of Cartoons and Coldhearted Cowardice – Part 2

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6 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:


    Anyone can see that the Forward is a lost cause that none of us should subscribe to. What value is there in your micro-examining each instance of its faux journalism or its failure to accept the Orthodox as brothers and sisters?

  2. L. Oberstein says:

    If the legal authorities so desire, they could find enough violations of rules to put many people behind bars. In this case, were other slaughterhouses raided in this manner? I think that the Forward and the Hechesher Tzedek people decided to build their reputations on the ruins of a formerly prosperous business that employed many people and provided much of the kosher meat in this country. In the end, the Forward is fighting a losing battle to stay in business. If Newsweek can’tg make it, why should they do better? The hechsher tzedek has been on the way for years now and I still haven’t seen it anywhere.Sound and fury signifying nothing. I hope that Mr Rubashkin gets a sentense that is fair and realistic and that he gets time off for good behavior. The whole mess could have been avoided had the reporter you describe had a Jewish heart . The Forward is only in business because they have an endowment and some rich people back it. Secular papers like to attack religious Jews and portray them as evil. They do it in Israel all the time. In the end, they will be nothing more than a memory.

  3. cvmay says:

    In agreement with Bob.
    What do you expect from the FORWARD? and once again why do you expect total accuracy and unbiased news reporting? WHERE do you ever get that from? Every editorial writer, reporter, and/or correspondent will taint the news according to his ‘EYES’.

  4. Peri says:

    I agree with the author. We have to keep hammering away at left wing hypocrisy (wherever we find it) on all issues (Israel, Judaism, Jews, moral issues etc.)

  5. jr says:

    Mr Kobre,
    A journalist’s job is to report facts. His personal opinion of the sentencing structure is both irrelevant and unnecessary. This is not Hamodia, facts should be presented as they are not as they should be according to Rabbi X. The punishment of Rabbi Rubashkin, while tragic and seemingly excessive, is not the fault of the reporter. Blaming the messenger is 100% the wrong thing to do. Incidentally, if you took a poll among the more right wing frum community, you would find a much more disdain for the actions of the reporter and the forward, compared with almost universal praise and whitewashing of Rabbi Rubashkin’s actions. Our insularity has bred a paranoia, where reports of actions become more important than actions themselves.

  6. Charlie Hall says:

    Three thoughts:

    1) If Shalom Rubashkin had been a non-Jewish American sweatshop owner who in 1943 had somehow smuggled a thousand Eastern European Jews into America to employ them in his factory for low wages under oppressive working conditions, we would be honoring him in Yad Vashem as a Righteous Gentile — even had he then been convicted of bank fraud in a desparate attempt to finance the entire operation.

    2) Entering the United States illegally or overstaying your visa after entering legally is in most cases not a crime but a civil violation, nor does it violate any halachah of which I am aware. However, bank fraud is a felony under secular law and is clearly asur halachically. The comparison of the illegal Guatemalan immigrants to Shalom Rubashkin is nonsensical!

    3) We seem to have all kinds of sympathy for Shalom Rubashkin and other Jews who are convicted of crimes who face draconian punishments, but don’t seem to have any sympathy at all for the thousands of other Americans who are trapped in the same situations. A twenty five year prison sentence for financial crimes is should be considered unjust whether it is given to a Jew or a non-Jew. Is there any move within our community to modify the draconian federal sentencing guidelines that are the reason the prosecution is able to demand (and likely get) such a sentence? Is there any move within our community to call for the appointment of judges who will exercise mercy when appropriate rather than just locking people up and throwing away the key? If internet forum comments are representative, most in the Orthodox community are supportive of the political right in this country and part of that political platform is support for the kinds of draconian punishments that Shalom Rubashkin is facing today — and also in favor of the kind of draconian enforcement of immigration laws that led to the original raid.

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