Very Few Things Shock Us Anymore

This might. Watch it till the end:

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43 Responses

  1. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    I just love it when people say things aren’t so simple when they really are. I haven’t seen anything simplified so well since I was a kid in school learning about reducing fractions to their lowest common denominator. The questioner’s attempt to play victim as if being trapped into supporting Hamas in order to be nailed by Homeland Security, the connection to Hitler Youth, the admission of support for the Hizballah statement about Jews making aliya in order to more easily kill us all; totally superb! That should be spread around for all to see. It speaks for itself.

  2. DCvpjrm18 says:

    I was in a running PR war with these guys on campus during the last intifada and that still managed to shock me. Wow.

  3. Sarah says:

    Nope, not shocked. Why would I be? It’s not a chiddush that college campuses are filled with anti-Israel Jew haters, especially Muslim ones.

  4. aron feldman says:

    Wow! very powerful and telling! How do you think the apologists at HRW and J St will spin this?

  5. real deal says:

    hope someone will post the entire video. horowitz is brilliant here. this needs to be viral so the world can see the hatred on campus and from the muslim/leftist world. then there needs to be a movement to divest campuses of this saudi funded israel hatred.

  6. Nachum says:

    Based on the way she talks, I have a sickening feeling that not only was this woman not raised Muslim, she may very well have been born Jewish. (She certainly was raised in the United States. As a few Youtube commenters have pointed out, she’s clearly benefited quite a bit from the country she despises.)

  7. Shua Cohen says:

    I don’t get it. From whence comes the shock? Don’t you recall the video of an anti-Israel protest in Fort Lauderdale (in Dec. 2008) when a young woman in a hijab began to shout curses and slurs, including the (now) infamous cry: “Go back to the oven, you need a big oven, that’s what you need!”

    [YA – That such individuals exist doesn’t shock me. That they are part of a large network – the Muslim Students Association – that is funded by your tax dollars is shocking.]

  8. Lawrence M. Reisman says:

    I’m not surprised at the woman’s response. I have little question that most Moslems want to kill us all. However, David Horowitz did not directly answer her question. She asked what evidence there was of connection between the MSA and terrorist groups. He should have come out and said that specific connections were given in his written material, given an example, and said there were many more if she had bothered to read them. As much as I admire Horowitz for getting her to show her true colors, he sounded evasive, and that does not help our cause.

  9. Harry Maryles says:

    Obvioulsy she thinks Jews are Islam’s version of Amalek.

  10. Reva H. says:

    I graduated from UCI in 1986. This still shocks me! College life wasn’t like this. We weren’t hated this openly I guess.
    I’m so sad. Daven, Daven, Daven. G-d loves us, rock the Heavens with your Tefillot so they don’t win!

  11. Miriam says:

    “He should have come out and said that specific connections were given in his written material….”

    He did – he said “you haven’t actually read the pamphlet because it quotes chapter and verse for that” But maybe you missed it – because first he stopped her tirade by asking her to condemn Hamas, and only after she got flustered did he mention that in passing, going on to say “I see this often…”

  12. Uri Gordon says:

    and as shocking, though sadly not surprising – (hat tip: Contentions blog)

    A Most Disturbing Moment of Clarity [from a Commentary Mag blog]
    Michael J. Totten – 05.13.2010 – 4:13 PM
    Following David Horowitz’s talk earlier this month at the University of California, San Diego, was one of the most chilling brief conversations I’ve heard in a while.

    A semi-polite yet coldly hostile student in the audience introduced herself during the question period as Jumanah Imad Albahri of the Muslim Students’ Association, and she refused to condemn either Hamas or Hezbollah when Horowitz asked her to clarify her position. He has faced a number of students just like her before, and he’s well-practiced in the art of drawing them out, so he asked her a point-blank question that couldn’t be easily dodged.

    “I am a Jew,” he said. “The head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or against it?”

    “For it,” she said.

    No sooner was the video of this exchange posted when one of the student’s teachers rushed to defend her.

    “This girl is actually my student,” A. Casavantes wrote in the comments’ section of Horowitz’s NewsReal blog. “I know her to be an intelligent, moral young woman who believes in peace. I do not support any organization that advocates violence against any specific group, nor do I believe that my student would do so. As a peace loving, Catholic teacher, I’m saddened that this speaker — her elder — manipulated the conversation in this fashion to make her look like someone she isn’t, out of an egotistical desire to prove his own point, rather than engaging in a constructive dialogue.”

    This teacher of hers is a character straight out of Paul Berman’s important new book The Flight of the Intellectuals, who, when confronted by a person with a clearly and explicitly stated genocidal ideology, prefers to lambaste that person’s rational critics.

    It’s a phenomenon as peculiar as it is disturbing, motivated in large part — Berman and I both suspect — by fear. “Too many very intelligent people are running away from looking at some very influential and pernicious doctrines of our own time,” he said to me in an interview I published earlier this week. “They don’t want to look. They prefer to shut their eyes and hope for the best.”

  13. Mark says:

    To anyone who has spent any time on college campuses, this is nothing new. They’re dens of rabid anti-semitism where in the name of “free speech” and “diversity” the worst שקרים are festered upon naive and innocent young students.

  14. Moishe3rd says:

    I find the scenario above described by Totten regarding the teacher who rushed to defend – slightly more disturbing than this video.
    David Horowitz writes and speaks all over the place. He is strong and well informed. Of course he is going to get young minds filled with mush making weird noises at him. That’s what college students do.
    No, back in “the day” when Hippies Still Walked the Earth, Israel was still fairly well admired – but our minds were still filled with mush. It usually had something to do with “The Establishment.”
    Unfortunately, the mush filled minds that remained in Academia are now teaching our children and, largely running governmental agencies or… even becoming President of these United States…
    Nisht Gut.
    The difficulty is not the mushy minded MSA student, it is the professors and administrators that shovel this excrement into her brain…
    Nisht Gut.
    There is a world wide generation of teachers and “community activists” (who become Presidents) who are teaching your children that they are responsible for Nothing; that Nothing is ever their fault. Everything is the fault of… ohh… let’s see – who did little miss mush brain want eliminated? Must be THEIR fault.
    I wonder who talk her that? Rhetorical question.
    The teachers at the public schools and universities that you send your children to – taught her that.
    Nisht Gut.

  15. Jules, Michigan says:

    I was in world war 2. Wherever I went I ran into antisemitism; couldn’t get away from it. I learned a few things. I would tell this hate monger that there many more Jews who were cowards, could not stay as a Jew but converted. And then I would end the conversation by saying, ” Did you know that, you got damn Jew?” Wow, you should have seen the look on his face. Needless to say he did not bother me any more

    Jules Tabak

  16. Bob Miller says:

    Antisemitism on campus, often disguised as opposition to Israel as an oppressor, was already festering at some universities in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Some of this emanated from the black and white radicals of that time, and some from their sympathizers/patrons on academic faculties. It has gotten worse partly because academic faculties have degenerated further, partly because Arab/Muslim financial support has seduced the administrators, and partly because Jews on campus are often themselves on the wrong side because of previous miseducation.

  17. R.J says:

    People like this should be kicked out of our country. Lets see how she likes living in a country like Iran. Hatred should not be condoned, and homeland security should arrest her. This angers me and reflects the problems we have in our country.

  18. One Christian's perspective says:

    Shocking ? Not really. She has found an environment that has nourished her right to free speech and dignity and liberty in which the righteous of many have fought for with their lives throughout the history of our nation. Our campuses have become a haven for elevating the “right” of the individual over all the “rights” of all others for the good of many. When someone has this mindset, they are blinded from seeing another view, in spite of her claim that “it is valuable to have two sets of views”. The self-righteous of any group can only see the view they support and hold close and in the end, they can only hate every view that is different.
    When asked if she would condemn Hamas she replied “you are asking me to put myself on a cross”. In her desire to hate rather than understand, she has condemned both Jew and Christian – both religions that teach “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself”.

    May the God of Israel have mercy on her soul and reveal the poison that lies deep within her heart that is destroying her humanity from within and mocking her dignity of being a person created in the image of God. He, whom she hates most , is her only hope for sanity and peace.

  19. EPH says:

    When will our US president wake up and smell the illness in our midst??

  20. dovid says:

    “When will our US president wake up and smell the illness in our midst??”

    The president is part of the problem.

  21. zehava says:

    one day that young women might be a professor in that/or a similar university. think of the damage she’ll do then.
    as far as i’m concerned, hate organizations should be banned.

  22. Lee says:

    No, it’s not surprising at all. Why would it be?

    However, people need to stop blaming Obama for a problem that didn’t begin when he came into office a year ago. This problem has been here for many decades, during both Democrat and Republican administrations. And no, I don’t support Obama (I don’t really support any politician) but I find it interesting that people are quick to blame him for anything to do with Muslims yet George W. Bush was also just as friendly with the Muslims and the Republicans were very quiet (anyone remember Bush holding hands and kissing the Arab sheik?). The difference is that Bush, along with Clinton and others, just hid it better than Obama. These things don’t change every 4-8 years with each new administration. They are embedded in the very country itself. If you examine the Federal government, you will realize that, while the President may change every 4/8 years, and the Congress and Senate may change, the very basic makeup of the government does not change. All of the actual “players” in the State Department and other agencies don’t change. Their plans continue on; it’s just may be done it a different manner, to suit the current administration.

  23. Bob Miller says:

    Lee is onto something. Both Condi Rice (under GW Bush) and Hillary Clinton (under Obama) were dispatched to lean on Israel and act like they owned the place. Bush, however, had some basic sympathy for Israel despite his Saudi ties, so he did not cause nearly as much trouble. Plus, Bush did not disdain people who were pro-American or pro-American-allies.

  24. dovid says:

    “stop blaming Obama for a problem that didn’t begin …”

    Lee, I scanned through the 23 comments and didn’t find anyone blaming Obama for starting “the problem”. Btw, neither did Jumanah Imad Albahri start it. But both of them facilitate it, perpetuate it, and add color and personal nuances to “it”. Obama’s latest and most chilling contribution? His slander “And that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.” which is not any less, arguably more damaging than anything Jumanah Imad Albahri could ever say or achieve in her Jihad career. Did Israel send the GIs to Afghanistan, or Iraq? How is it that the president does not state the obvious that in 95% of the armed conflicts worldwide, at least one party to the conflict is Muslim? B’kitzur, Obama is not the innocent you are trying to portrait. Neither are the 78% of the Jews who voted for him, because to his credit, Obama did not conceal his dislike for Israel.

  25. Scott says:

    There is a new kind of hate seeping through the world. This is classic good vs. evil. I love when people say “two sides to every story”. Yes, there are two sides to this and the evil side is completely delusional. The answer does not lie “in between” the two points of view. If Islam is so mighty and powerful, why do so many of it’s practitioners love to play the victim card?

  26. Raymond says:

    I am unfortunately coming late into this conversation, but I do want to put my two cents in here anyway.

    I think that there is a reason why our college campuses of today are so much more tolerant with allowing people like this student speak, or people like AhmediniNutJob speak, then they are for people like David Horowitz, or Prime Minister Netanyahu, or for the presence of military recruitment on campus. It has to do with the roots of antisemitism.

    There are many reasons given for antisemitism, but I think at the root of it all, is resentment over the idea that Man is not the measure of all things, that there is a G-d with His absolute morality that transcends anything that we limited, mortal human beings can come up with. Whether the world wishes to admit it or not, they realize on some level that we Jews are G-d’s representatives on Earth. Even though each individual Jew falls to some degree short of this lofty role, we Jews collectively are G-d’s Chosen People.

    This does not sit well with the Political Left with their insatiable thirst of power, who indeed want to replace G-d with Man. They are, then, really at war with G-d, exactly in the tradition of Nimrod. So any value that goes against the Torah, the Left goes out of its way to support, while any value that is in concert with the Torah, is openly mocked and ridiculed by the Left. The United States, having been founded by the Puritans, who called themselves Old Testament Christians, is a kind of Gentile version of an Israel-in-Exile, and so we have a situation where America and Israel are the enemy that must be collectively undermined by whatever means necessary.

    So the little exchange in this video is much more than an unpleasant thing to watch. It is the classic battle of Good vs Evil. G-d bless the courageous David Horowitz and others like him.

  27. Laura says:

    Americans who keep quiet about terrorism and merely vent on blogs preaching to the choir; people,politicians and businesses that seek soely to line their pockets with Arab and other hush monies and who speak out of two sides of their mouths; who condem Israel for trying to protect its tiny county while arming her enemies, the mass media which is supposed to be a check and balance on government but instead choose to be the pawns of government, the diseased ‘politically correct’ individuals whose views are so warped, including the Jewish run “Peace Now’, ‘JStreet”, etc – that condem Israel for defending itself and promote the heinous and murderous acts of murders and Anti-Semites who occupy the West Bank, Gaza, Jericho, Hebron and other cities inside of tiny Israel, the same murderers who maime and murder their own children, who maime and murder their own wives, daughters, neices, sisters – the crimes for which, if perpetrated in the United States, would warrant life jail sentences, isolation and confinement in high security prisons, no parole, and even the death penalty – the Jewish Peace Nownics, JStreetnics, PCnics, et al – these are the guilty parties – along with anyone who supports them, donates to them, remains silent about them – are all guilty.

  28. Older Guy says:

    Quotation I have heard..”Not all Muslims are terrorists,but all terrorists are Muslim”…..speaks for itself.

  29. UK student says:

    That was more shocking than hearing Azzam Tamimi on my campus in London. I don’t wish pain upon many people, but this girl is one who is widening the barriers between Jews and Muslims.

  30. Brewil says:

    Scott that is interesting that you say Islam plays the victim card, I can cite many references of Israel invoking the Holocaust to play the victim card over and over to get what it wants and using the Holocaust as a means to an end is dispicable.

  31. Bob Miller says:

    Brewil, some people really have been victims who now need redress. Others, such Muslim agitators, are typically perpetrators posing as victims.

  32. Raymond says:

    Apparently, Brewil here is tired of us Jews talking about the Holocaust. Well, guess what? We Jews are even more tired of antisemites using us as scapegoats, targets, and doormats. Leave us alone and we will leave you alone. The fact is that we Jews must never forget the Holocaust, because those who forget the past, are condemned to repeat it.

  33. Jules says:

    Brewil writes that he knows of many instances where Israel invoked the holocaust to play the victim card. Can Brewil cite one instance where Israel did that?
    I don’t remember or have seen Israel do that even once. Jules

  34. Carole Dee says:

    So, what else is new?
    Presuming she is a Muslim, what’s she doing in public w/o being completely covered?
    I think they are started with their Mothers’ Milk, and hear it 24/7 so that upon becoming viable
    “adults” they are fully prepared to begin the cycle of hatred all over again;
    Their brains are no longer able to process free information. They are robots.

  35. Naftoli says:

    The title is more than accurate. I am a 55 year old Jewish man who thought that I had seen and heard everything and could not be shocked or surprised by anything anti-semites say and do. This short video has shown me how naive I was. It is frightening to think that there are young people out there who hate us and are not afraid to express themselves.
    If a Jewish person were to express such sentiments about Moslems or others this would be front page news.

  36. hadassa says:

    may she and her ilk, and all our enemies, have a “schvarzn sof”! amen!

  37. dovid says:

    What’s a “schvarzn sof”? I googled but didn’t help.

    [Editors – It means a dark, bitter end]

  38. Jonas says:

    I don’t understand. So he dodges her question by asking her to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question designed only to gain advantage (he knows she’s not going to do that) and gives a proud speach about how he’s done that to others in the past. Then he comes with “and you’re wearing a terrorist neckercheif.. you don’t get to make a speech” and blows her off? This is “genious”? He never addresses her question? Are people not supposed to notice this?

  39. Zionist Christian says:

    Did you know “hip hip hooray” is rooted in antisemitism? (Catch the teaching on this fact by Rev. Billye Brim if you want all the details). Something seemingly so innocuous…loaded with a slant against Jerusalem! See how this mindset seeps into the fabric of everyday life? It must be guarded against! All of Israel( not what they currently possess) belongs to Israel. It is in the Christian’s Bible as well as the Pentateuch! G-D made a covenant with Abraham that will NOT be broken! Because of that, I too am blessed. I am sorry for the way you’ve been treated and the straits you now are in. But I remind you that G-D Himself Jehovah Sabaoth has promised to fight for you! You have those that maybe you do not yet know of, who ARE standing with you. I am one.

    I do not just “vent” on blogs. I vote with Israel in mind,(you can pretty safely say, if the person running wants to do away with Christian Values, they want to do away with Israel too!) I speak to others about her, I respect and attempt to befriend Jewish people when I meet them. (Some do not want to be friends with goyim)

    I pray for Israel and for the Peace of Jerusalem. I speak Shalom to you.

  40. bill says:

    The girl asking the “question” should be sent to the middle east to study whatever she’s studying in school. Then she’ll better understand that the radical Islamic people want to rule, enslave, and/or kill all Jews and Americans. She looks like a little of both if you ask me. Mr. Horowitz did an excellent job of not allowing her to sway the crowd into believing she, and those of her faith, were “victims”. My opinion is to put ’em on a really slow and overcrowded ship and send them on a long, hot, misherable ride backe to where-ever they want to go, as long as it’s in the middle of the desert somewhere. I’ll give’em a map!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Mike W says:

    To Zionist Christian – As an American Jew I want to say thank you and wish you and your family G-d’s blessings. You won’t likely hear this from many Jews, because over the millennium my people have become very distrustful of Christians. I realize that you and your fellow American Christian Zionist are Israel’s best friends in the world today – sadly, even better friends than far too many of my fellow Jews. Thank you so much for your support.

  42. Amy says:

    I’m agreeing with Jonas.

    Yes, what she said was horrifying. But at the same time, the things he said about the kerchief, and the fact that he basically talked around her, almost negate the impact of what she said and make this video useless from a proving-the-point perspective.

    It’s a shame that he couldn’t control his mouth, because what came out of hers was entirely damning. This video might have been helpful. But it’s not.

  43. Jeff says:

    He did answer the question.

    How is the MSA connected to the terrorist organizations? They support their ideology and policies. He gave an example of another campus where the MSA supported these organizations, then brought that information out with this student. She didn’t realize she answered her own question by espousing Hezbollah’s views. Did you really want him to list all the funding sources and the individual means of support? Read the pamphlet for that. Do you really think she wouldn’t help hezbollah’s mission by whatever means necessary? Once you establish that kind of strong ideological support the logistics are just details.

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