The Problem

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4 Responses

  1. aron feldman says:

    Let us not forget about Hillary Clintons hug of Sua Arafat after she gave a speech parroting famous Anti-Semitic canards and Hillary’s pathetic backtrack,which the jews and the media bought hook line and sinker

  2. Shira says:

    AP, Reuters and other global news outfits have routinely captured footage of Palestinian terrorists seeking refuge in Gaza towns, scooping up a youth for cover to ward of Tzahal snipers, healthily piling into an empty ambulance – with guns yet on their backs! – to flee a tank. And not all of it gets confiscated by the Arabs either. It just doesn’t sell airtime.

  3. L.Oberstein says:

    The Palestinian Authority has very little power and there is no partner for peace. The root problem is that a Moslem cannot accept the humiliation of a successful, powerful and democratic non Moslem state anywhere in the world,and especialy in the Middle East. We Jews have been playing chess with ourselves, we have to realize that “they” hate us, want us dead, and will never accept Israel’s legitimacy. Arguments about the “peace process” are for show, there is ho chance of real peace on the horizon.It is clear that Europe has a growing fifth column of Moslems who reject assimilation and western values. The world is in for a difficult period and Israel’s predicament is the “canary in the coal mine”.
    The problem is not the size of the Jewish State, it is that Islam allows for no other legitimate religion on earth. Israel is also on the fault line for an earth quake, seriously. The whole experiment needs a lot of heavently help. Israel is a beautiful contry living a very precarious existence.Who knows what tommorrow will bring?

  4. another Nathan says:

    The U.S. should follow Canada’s example in aiding the Plishtim. For decades, the Palestinians have plundered foreign aid, or redirected it for terror. This occurred either through UNRWA or directly.
    Canada has now redirected its funds going to the Palestinian Authority, so that all of it now goes specifically to building a Palestinian justice system.
    By ensuring that Canada’s contribution only goes to efforts that are consistent with Canadian values, such as building functioning justice system, Canada is making an important contribution towards peace and security in the Middle East. I am proud to be Canadian.

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