Life after Sharon

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3 Responses

  1. Eliyahu from Philly says:

    1) Sharon threw out 10,000 people out of their homes into the street. (And don’t tell me it’s their fault for not taking compensation, etc. Many of the ones who left willingly are still living in tents and haven’t gotten their compensation either). 2) He threw a ton of charedim into poverty. 3) There is a 300% increase in weapons in Gaza (according to Shin Bet chief). 4) According to Haaretz analysts Aluf Benn and Zeev Schiff IDF has no clue as to how to deal with the new security situation in Gaza. 5) Israeli government is figuring out if it is legal to turn off electricity Israel is providing to Gaza in response to rocket attacks. 6) Sharon’s advisors discuss dividing Yerushalaim. 7) He has six people under indictment for corruption in his party. 8) He lied to the voters and then didn’t explain his about face. And all of this is supposed to be ok because he always flattens his opponents? Because he is a strong man and knows what he is doing? Yes, he did a lot of good things for Israel in the past. But Benedict Arnold was a military hero of the Colonists and Philippe Petain was credited with saving France from the Germans in WWI. And then both betrayed their respective countries. Yochanan Hurcanus was a mostly righteous High Priest for many years and sided with the Sadducees at the end of his life. Just because Sharon had a stroke, we shouldn’t ignore that he strayed very far from his past record. The reason why he is given such worshipful treatment by the Israeli and world media is only for taking up positions which used to be far-left.

  2. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    Sharon’s Kadima party will most assuredly get its coalition support from the left and the “moderate” right, anybody but religious Jews. Hareidim may enter the coalition as a fifth wheel to say a de facto amen to their further impoverishment and marginalization. I hope not. I don’t believe that the more transparent, more just changeover to constituency representation will in the long run be bad for religious Jews because our numbers are always increasing. I don’t see it happening because the party hacks will have to get elected on their own merits, and they fear that worse than death. But more important, as Moshe Feiglin rightly pointed out, the Knesset is not sovereign in the current state of Israel, the Supreme Court is. The real battle is against Aharon Barak.

  3. Faye from Jerusalem says:

    “Acharei Mos Kedoshim Emor”, therefore J.R.’s finding favor in Sharon is premature. Fact is he Sharon implemented unnecessary tragedy on our nation with the expulsion and destruction of
    Gush Katif. Any leader, certainly Netanyahu would have treated our Jewish brethren better
    than Sharon and could handle the security situation in the aftermath. Sharon’s actions last summer are unforgivable.
    Unacceptable too and leaving a foul taste, is the Chareidi party that joined Sharon’s expulsion Government,serving in that Govt while Jews were being expelled from Gaza.
    I know the classic answer. They joined the Gov’t after the decision was made and they didn’t participate in the vote for expulsion. That answer is like fish. After three days….hold
    your nose. History will judge those that cashed in for their Torah communities at the
    expense of acquiescing to the destruction of other Torah and Jewish communities.
    destroying other

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