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  1. Chareidi Leumi says:

    Rav Aryeh Levine established a shul in Yerushalaim (Beit Knesset Al Shem Olei HaGardom on Rechov Messilat Yesharim) in memory of the martyrs who paid the greatest price for the restoration of our land to its people.

    If you go there, you can hear many more stories from the Gabbai who lived through this period and knew Rav Aryeh and the underground fighters intimately.

    May their memory be a blessing. Hashem Inkom Damam.

  2. Baruch Horowitz says:

    What a story!

    Who is Ilene Bloch-Levy, and how did she come to know this account?

  3. Yoel says:

    Your comments made the article even more meaningful and moving in regards to the sacrifices made by so many for the establishment of the State of Israel.
    I was somewhat confused by the inclusion of the following phrase: “the parochet that carries his name was hung in the central synagogue in Sha’arei Tikvah, a mixed community of some 1200 families in the Shomron.”I do not know why there was the referral to “a mixed community.” Was it meant as a “put down” or as a positive statement?

  4. HILLEL says:

    Indeed, it is a tragedy.

    The Jewish People have lsot 20,000 young men, including wonderful idealists like Yechiel, to the Golden Calf of Secular Zionism.

  5. Jewish Observer says:

    I didn’t have patience to read the story (short attention span) but I did read Rabbi A’s preamble. Very well articulated. Strongly agree.

  6. joel rich says:

    Hillel – Your comment is a bit unclear. I would hope it is based on some obscure medrash or gematria and the relationship to the total number of soldiers and security personnel who fell since the War of Independence ( 20,368 ) is only coincidental. Please clarify so we can discuss further if necessary.

  7. Chareidi Leumi says:

    Indeed, it is a tragedy.

    The Jewish People have lsot 20,000 young men, including wonderful idealists like Yechiel, to the Golden Calf of Secular Zionism.

    Indeed, it is a tragedy.

    The Jewish people have lost 10,000,000 men, women, and children, including wonderful idealists, to the Cheit HaMeraglim of Jews not wanting to leave Galus.

  8. Chareidi Leumi says:

    BTW, I don’t actually believe the comment above, I just wanted to point out how ridiculous Hillel’s comment is.

  9. easterner says:

    Hillel’s gratuitous comment is typical of haredi attitude– of those who bear the benefit of the pig eaters, while being moche them with both hands…. may this sinat chinam not keep the mashiach away….

  10. HILLEL says:

    Joel–Nothing so profound. i’m simply observing that, if the secular Zionists of the Second Aliya (Ben-Gurion, Ben-Zvi, etc.) had not seized the leadership of the Yishuv of Eretz Yisroel from the talmidim of the GR”A and the Baal-Shem-Tov who were there first, we would have coexisted in peace with the Arabs, and all this bloodshed would have been unnecessary.

  11. Steve Brizel says:

    Hillel-6,000,000 Jews were killed during the Final Solution whose architect and willing executioners made no distinctions whatsoever between Zionists, Charedim or any other grouping of Jews. Are you so chutzpadik to state “why” they died as well?! Those 20,000+ who shed their lived died so that Jews throughout the world would be safe, feel free to view EY as their home and so that Jews would not assimilate. You should go to Har Hertzl and elsewhere where they are buried and ask for mchilah in the same fashion as R Yonah. In the alternative, may I suggest that you read the works of R Teichtal ZTL ( Aim Habanim Smecha) and R Kasher ZTL ( HaTekufah HaGedolah) .

  12. Chareidi Leumi says:

    we would have coexisted in peace with the Arabs

    Um should I list for you the Arab attacks that occured before the second aliya???

    The chovevei zion also had to defend themselves and create a militia and Rav Akiva Schlesinger Zt”l used to carry a gun way back in the 1800s (and he was not afraid to use it!)

    The point is, don’t blame the victim.

  13. HILLEL says:

    Did the Chovevei Zion lose 20,000 men and countless women and children?

    By the way, before the secularists arrived, Arabs actually served as security guards to protect the Yishuv from other marauding Arabs.

    Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, head of the Edah Hachareidit in the early 1900’s, and his very knowlegable and learned representative Jacob DeHan were convinced that a peace could be concluded with the Arabs, under King Hussein’s father, and they were negotiating this peace treaty when DeHaan was murdered by secular Zionist thugs from the Hagana, who did not want peace.

  14. Chareidi Leumi says:

    Did the Chovevei Zion lose 20,000 men and countless women and children?

    In the 15 years they operated actively??? Are you joking?

    were convinced that a peace could be concluded with the Arabs

    Well then, it must be true. I want to say that I in no way support the assassination of de Haan by the labor Zionists. But his murder does not redeem his political activity. He worked to sell out our land to the Arabs as almost any cost and was constantly interfering with the yeshuv – to the point of endangering lives.

    The view of peaceful coexistence with the Arabs before secular Zionism is a fantasy and a pipe dream. Just look at the fear the old yeshuv residents had of leaving the walls of the Old City even before the chovevei zion. Of course the violence got worse as the yeshuv achieved greater success. It would have gotten worse whether that success was achieved by religious Jews or by secular ones for the offence from the Arab perspective would be the same.

    There is a reason why the mitza of settling the land is considered a milchemet mitzva by the Ramban and all the achronim who follow in his wake. It is because in the final analysis, a milchama (in which people die) is almost guaranteed when trying to settle a piece of land which is claimed by others. There are many flaws in secular Zionism, what you describe is not one of them.

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