More than the Calf Wants to Nurse

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6 Responses

  1. Mordechai says:

    Is the hearing loss perhaps connected to the noisiness of the car ?

    If something as vital as his hearing is being damaged, something should be done….

  2. Baruch says:

    “To register in the Talmud Torah, the family cannot possess a TV and the mother must cover her hair”

    Kashrus and Shabbos…no mention – but TV’s and wigs…mandatory. Are these requirements, particularly the latter, something to be proud of?? Perhaps the rabbi wouldn’t have to scrounge for his money if he was less of a fanatic.

  3. Chaim Wolfson says:

    I haven’t seen the Talmud Torah in Tzoran (in fact, I never even heard of the place before I read this post), but it sounds to me like it’s not a “kiruv” school catering to children from secular backgrounds (along the lines of “Shuvu”) but rather an institution intended for children of families who have already become frum. I think Jonathan Rosenblum’s point is to demonstrate just how much some of these families have grown in their Yiddishkeit over the past few years. For them, Shabbos and kashrus are a given; the novelty is that they have reached a point where they want to educate their children “al taharas hakodesh”, and that’s why Rabbi Betzalel established the Talmud Torah. I don’t see how insisting that the parent body of such an institution follow the laws of the Shulchan Aruch can be categorized as “fanaticism”.

    One other thing. I don’t know what you’ve done for Yiddishkeit lately, but unless you’ve accomplished as much as Rabbi Betzalel (300
    families frum because of him, another 300 on the way), and heve exhibited even a fraction of the “mesirus nefesh” he has, I would suggest that you refer to him in tones that are a bit more respectful.

  4. Michoel says:

    What you probably mean to say was that maybe the Rabbi wouldn’t have to work so hard to raise funds if he were not so deeply principled. I am sure that option has occured to him.

  5. Michoel says:

    Reb Baruch,
    the article refered to mandatory “hair covering”, not “wigs”. You indicate this is a bigger kashe then no television. L’chora hair covering is something a woman is m’chuayv in while television seems more debatable. Maybe your point was that you feel the school can more legitimately mandate no television which might more strongly impact the children’s middos. Please clarify.

  6. Baruch Horowitz says:

    “My young visitor could not, however, understand the question. For him, the connection is obvious: He and his friends saw various ways to brighten the lives of their fellow Jews, so they did it…All this has been done without making it to the radar screen of major benefactors, and with incredible mesirus nefesh”

    Very nice article.

    Since there is talk about problems in the Charedi community, it is important to discuss the strengths as well, which can be the source of overcoming weaknesses(similar to what R. Yisrael Salanter said by an individual, that knowing one’s strengths is important as well).

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