Some Chareidi Efforts on Behalf of Israel’s War Refugees

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2 Responses

  1. A Simple Jew says:

    Another fantastic organization is Eizer L’Shabbos that provides emergency relief to Tsfat.

    More on this organization can be found here:

  2. Baruch Horowitz says:

    The Chesed which groups and individuals are doing is a positive aspect, despite the Matzav. Hopefully, the feelings of Achdus will last even when things quiet down, b\’ezras Hashem. Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Weinreb spoke on Tisha B\’aav at the Tisha B\’aav Program(Ateres Chinka in Flatbush) about how to continue keeping inspiration, even in quiet times, based on the ideas and practical suggestions of the Piazeczna Rebbe, H\’yd, and others.

    Rabbi Rosenblum\’s post is a good resource, and I would like to link this post to my own:

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