Two Emissaries from Israel

Two visitors from Israel, both representing organizations not mentioned by Jonathan Rosenblum, knocked on my door last night. This is not because Rabbi Rosenblum neglected these organizations or did lousy research, but because the list of aid organizations is so long that I doubt anyone knows of all of them.

First, Hatzolah of Ashdod. Like the Hatzalah groups in the United States, these volunteers collaborate with other ambulance services (in their case, Magen David Adom) and are often first on the scene. The group in Ashdod covers that entire region, including towns such as Ashkelon which have been subjected to Kassam missile attacks.

And second, Ohr Simcha, an organization bringing needed food to Jews in the North of Israel spending their days in bomb shelters.

As I said, I’m sure we’ve not nearly covered all the Charedi organizations helping out.

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  1. Micha says:

    I’m unhappy with a side-effect of this list. While I understand the perceived need amongst Chareidim to prove our loyalty to the cause, making a list of Chareidi charities creates an illusion of still standing apart.

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