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5 Responses

  1. Jewish Observer says:

    it’s like the culture shock of Israelis using german products, driving german cars etc. when no one from our circles in the USA would do that.

    I think there are a couple of dynamics at play :

    – general culture gap between amercians and israelis. Israelis are not as sensitive as we are. american culture is very tuned in to the art of positioning, spin, couching things the best way. this is not a skill / value of the israeli culture

    – they have more of a “right” based on who they are, where they live, and what they are doing on behalf of the rest of us. when they are in the army and someone nebach dies, they have to deal with things much larger and more gruesome than striking through a name. whereas these sensitivities are perhaps appropriate for uswho aren’t really dealing with the realities, you can make a case that they are less applicable to israelis

  2. Nachum says:

    Rabbi Feldman, maybe these people *meant* for you to be troubled in this way?

  3. mycroft says:

    I have had somilar feelings in the US in a related issue. There is aphysician who treats alot of very sick people. He comes to schul with a big list that he gives to the Gabbai to say a misheberach for. I recognized that unfortunately a couple of names had gone to the olam haemet-he crossed off the names. I felt it was a lack of sensitivity-he could produce a new list. So the issue Rabbi Feldman is also in the US-maybe not in southern hospitality of Atlanta-but I’ve seen it here.

  4. Seth Gordon says:

    In the same vein: once, when I was a gabbai, I was saying the mi-sheberach for relatives of a man who had just had an aliyah, and read off, from the card in front of me, the list of his relatives–including his wife, who had died around a year before then. Ouch!

  5. David Gerstman says:

    I keep my own list of names for the Yehi Ratzon in Refainu. I cannot bring myself to cross out names. Maybe, now I am unfortunately no longer mentioning about half the people on the list, I’ll make up a new one.

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