Zim in favor of Dubai Ports World

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous in LA says:

    Journalism rule #1: Follow the money.

    Who benefits? Is Zim related to Shimon Peres’ politics?

    Why should I accept Zim’s hashgacha?

    Bill Clinton is now linked to $1.6M in Dubai “contributions”. Jews/Israeli’s “trusted” him, too. James Baker’s law firm defended Saudi Prince Aziz in a trillion dollar suit waged by victims of 9/11.

    Until Zim’s phone records are public, I wouldn’t trust this.

    IF, and only if, Dubai says not merely that it will not participate in the boycott against Israel but will actively THWART that boycott will I believe that there has been real change.

    Do I trust Israel’s government and Israel’s big business more than I trust California’s looney-toon leaders and Google’s spying and kowtowing to the Chinese?


  2. Bob Miller says:

    It’s hard to know if the Homeland Security and Zim statements represent their own thoughts or those of higher-ups
    telling them what to say.

  3. S. says:

    I hadn’t heard that Zim has anything to say about U.S. national security.

  4. es says:

    The behavior of suicide bombers appears to be contradictory to the vast
    majority of what had been previously thought to be predictable behavior.
    It appears to reveal a behavior that is willing to risk all for a gain which
    cannot be measured in material terms that had previously been understood. As
    such, who can predict the behavior of any entity that has links and/or supports
    organizations that exhibit this behavior. All bets are off. Why think
    that the decisions of Zim or any other business are based on anything but
    a bottom line mentality, that ignores this disturbing reality?

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