Zim in favor of Dubai Ports World

Here’s a footnote to my earlier post that I noticed yesterday, but only had time to post now: Zim, the large Israeli shipping company, has a good working relationship with Dubai Ports and has come out in favor of DPW taking over the six US ports.

If Homeland Security is in favor, and Zim is in favor, then there’s no real cause for alarm here.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous in LA says:

    Journalism rule #1: Follow the money.

    Who benefits? Is Zim related to Shimon Peres’ politics?

    Why should I accept Zim’s hashgacha?

    Bill Clinton is now linked to $1.6M in Dubai “contributions”. Jews/Israeli’s “trusted” him, too. James Baker’s law firm defended Saudi Prince Aziz in a trillion dollar suit waged by victims of 9/11.

    Until Zim’s phone records are public, I wouldn’t trust this.

    IF, and only if, Dubai says not merely that it will not participate in the boycott against Israel but will actively THWART that boycott will I believe that there has been real change.

    Do I trust Israel’s government and Israel’s big business more than I trust California’s looney-toon leaders and Google’s spying and kowtowing to the Chinese?


  2. Bob Miller says:

    It’s hard to know if the Homeland Security and Zim statements represent their own thoughts or those of higher-ups
    telling them what to say.

  3. S. says:

    I hadn’t heard that Zim has anything to say about U.S. national security.

  4. es says:

    The behavior of suicide bombers appears to be contradictory to the vast
    majority of what had been previously thought to be predictable behavior.
    It appears to reveal a behavior that is willing to risk all for a gain which
    cannot be measured in material terms that had previously been understood. As
    such, who can predict the behavior of any entity that has links and/or supports
    organizations that exhibit this behavior. All bets are off. Why think
    that the decisions of Zim or any other business are based on anything but
    a bottom line mentality, that ignores this disturbing reality?

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