Protocols of the Elders of Anti-Semitism

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3 Responses

  1. Eliyahu Gerstl says:

    There is a history of religious rivalry and a literature of such rivalry that continues to be one a source of antisemitic rhetoric. Each of the two new religions purported to be improvements upon Judaism. In order to dissuade their own believers and potential converts from examining Judaism rationally and also to answer the obvious question as to how if Jews could be good people that they could not have seen the light of the new religion – it was necessary to demonize Jews as somehow having seen the light but being obstinate evil doers nevertheless.

    However Judaism is not a competitor to either religion today, so why resort to the old anti-Jewish propaganda: 1. Political: We’re a convenient victim for leaders who need to divert their followers from their own failures AND 2. Religious: for those religious leaders with secret doubts about fundamental issues of their religions or who can’t answer the questions of their followers it may be convenient to again resort to diversion by demonization of Jews and retreat to the old anti-semitic myths as a substitute for thought. Ultimately however to resort to antisemitic myth belies an unconscious fear with the answers that might be found if issues were considered rationally.

  2. Gershon Seif says:

    So what did that journalist have to say back? Was his question a loaded one, with intention to use only parts of your response and distort them? I believe you wrote an article about hollywood doing that to you with some interview…

  3. kar says:

    Muslim hatred of Jews doesn’t seem particularly motivated by religion. It is a very recent development that they harbor extreme hatred to Jews; Christians were more demonized. Is it really necessary to drag in “our religion is better” and “we are better than them” as a response to every issue.
    Most practicing Orthodox Jews are convinced that their religion is truer than other forms of monotheistic practice (that is why they remain Orthodox). I don’t think chizuk is necessary on this score; relentless grandstanding about Jewish superiority can be very destructive. Orthodox Jews who feel inferior to Muslims are hard to find; those who lack respect for goyim as human beings, let alone as chassidei umos haolom, are a much bigger problem. The Orthodox community is more in need of emphasis on the fact that observant monotheists are keeping 7 mitzvos b’nei noach and need to be treated as such than it needs to be reminded of Judaism’s superiority. Please can you stop posting all this self-congratulatory stuff – or least make it relevant to whatever issue you are ostensibly discussing. When the answer to “Why have Muslims begun to hate us so much in the last hundred years” is “our religion is better” something is very wrong.

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