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  1. David Brand says:

    Klinghoffer touches on an interesting point. I think it is even worse than he suggests. My father-in-law always tells me that in his smallish, midwestern community, there is virtually no communal observance of Tisha B’Av. However, when it comes to Yom HaZikaron, there are commemorations galore. It seems that there are many Yidden who identify their Judaism primarily as “Holocaust.” Forget about the gentiles, we do this to ourselves! Much to his credit, my shver tries his best to let the Kehilla know that Tisha B’Av commemorates all of our many historical tragedies. Yet, the focus almost always comes down to the Holocaust.
    I have seen first hand the way to combat some of this thinking. When I get the opportunity to show a people a strong, vibrant Torah family or a similar community, they then realize that we must not be defined by our defeats, but rather by our victories and our growth.

  2. Nachum Lamm says:

    I think you mean “Yom HaShoah.” Yom HaZikaron is something else entirely, a week later.

    More to the point, while I see what you’re driving at, I can’t really fault people for having more feeling for something that happened sixty years ago as opposed to 2000- especially if they don’t look forward to rebuilding the Mikdash. Sad, perhaps, but most understandable.

  1. January 23, 2005

    […] misplaced priorities of the general Jewish community that David Klinghoffer bemoans in his Disputation are sadly relevant to what is going on in Eretz Israel […]

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