Friends and Enemies

Jonathan sends me a cautionary note; but it is a “reminder” of something that I have never forgotten.

I only mention this fascinating item as a reminder to those like myself and my friend Jeff Ballabon, who have been buoyed by the widespread support of evangelical Christians for Israel, that Christian anti-Semitism still exists and is often theological in nature.

It is not some universal benevolent Christendom, out there, Jonathan. My work in that regard is about something primarily (not quite uniquely – but almost) American.

One day we’ll do a whole shpiel about the tribal core of Europe vs the idea core of America and how that distinction manifests in religion.

And, by the way – thinking it is exclusively an Evangelical phenomenon also is a mistake, Jonathan.

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2 Responses

  1. I think Jonathan has to be more specific, Jeff. I am not sure I agree there is Christian antisemitism except (a) latent in the Catholic church, (2) among the left-wing denominations (as previously discussed), and (3) among the non-mainstraim ultra-right wing (e.g., “identity”) churches. If am mistaken I’d like to see some proof of this. I for one have lots of truck with evangelicals and have never had what could seriously be called an experience of antisemitism.

  2. JOHN POWER says:


    I would like to RECOMMEND a website to CROSS-CURRENTS to give a more accurate understanding of Christianity.
    Please note this website teaches G_d’s law, statutes, judgments, Sabbaths and all of His High Holy Days
    including the Passover. This Sabbath keeping organization is a long time supporter of Israel and G_d’s purpose
    for all Jewish and Israelite People. It is a fact that the G_d’s people, Jews, will rule in Tomorrow’s World.
    I appreciate what you are doing in opening these lines of dialogue with the “Christian” community. Please let
    me know if you think of this website and the information it presents.
    The website of which I recommend is, May it enrich you abundantly. Shalom!

    Yours Truly,
    John Power

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