Looking Ahead:

Okay – so here’s the idea – Every year, the excellent bloggers at National Review Online’s “The Corner” issue predictions for the year to come. At the end of the year, their predictions are reviewed for prescience

Why don’t we do the same for the Jewish world? (Yeah, yeah – we shoulda done it back in Elul, but that’s the time of year we’re busiest; this is the time of year we’re the least busy, so I pasken it’s mutar.)

Anyone else up for this?

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3 Responses

  1. MJB says:

    My grandfather always yells me at when I try to prognosticate. He asks me if I think I am a Navi. The Yiddish way is to “roll with the punches”. More reactive than predictive. Gedolim have daas torah that enables them to be insightful and think strategically.

  2. Jeff Ballabon says:

    Fear not: It’s just for fun – not prophet.

  3. Michoel says:

    I kind of agree with MJB. H’ should help that we should all live in good health this year.

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