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Can we get some controversy going?

For my first post to Cross-Currents, I figured I might as well be a good team player and actually deal with a current issue relating to crosses (I don’t know why everyone else seems...


Stop Terrorism: Ban Christmas Trees!

By avoiding the real problem, liberals blame the innocent. There is a cancer growing in the Middle East, called fanatical Islam. This version of Islam preaches that an act of evil murder is good....


Justifying Murder

My friend, Rabbi Avrohom Cohen, editor of the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society which I publish as president of the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School, has said to me often about our fellow Orthodox,...


A Chanukah story for our times

Baltimore Jewish Times December 17, 2004 Last week most of the senior Torah authorities and yeshiva heads in Israel held an emergency gathering to discuss the pernicious effects of the new generation cell phones...


Postville III

Shmarya is one of the established bloggers now taking note of Cross-Currents. His comments to my previous entry on Postville, however, represent the sort of unfair antipathy towards Rubashkin that seems to be based...


Response to comments on “Bullseye”

Fatheringay-Phipps is quite worked up about about my opposition to the name Yishmael and has done research to prove that the name was in long-time use among the Jews. He may be right, but...


The Iowa Issue

Except for one point, I do not care to enter the thicket arising from the Rubashkin slaughter house situation, the reason being that I am not qualified to discuss halachic matters. The exception is...



Last week, under the title “Conversions and Hebrew Names,” I posted an edited selection from my archive of correspondence with my readers, in which I presented the remarks of one correspondent and invited comment....


Fair and Respectful

The arrest of a large group of teenagers for drug use and underage drinking at an unsupervised house party — the plurality of whom are students at an Orthodox day school — was an...

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