Are Checkpoints Moral?

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4 Responses

  1. Ezzie says:

    Thank you.

  2. YM says:

    I was reading a news account concerning the most recent suicide bombing discussed in this posting, and read that the roadblock where this bombing occured was a temporary roadblock that was setup specificially in response to intellegence that someone (who turned out to be this person) was on his way to blow himself up, along with as many people as he can kill with him. It was not one of the permanent roadblocks. I’m not sure whether this really makes that big of a difference but some have alleged that the permanent roadblocks don’t accomplish much and exist only for psychological purposes.

  3. Akiva says:

    The questions can be broken down further — 1) are checkpoints moral, or are they a necessary “evil”; 2) is the behaviour of the soldiers at the checkpoints “moral”

    while Q1 can be debated, my personal experience at checkpoints has been generally negative (i.e. the behaviour of the guards has quite often been less than respectful). This (IMO) is the bigger problem — by treating the Palestinians in a disrespectful manner, we create an underlying resentment that quite often wasn’t there before.

  4. Palestinian Princess says:

    If there will continue to be checkpoints they need to change the behavior of those soldiers, because they are really mean, disrespectful and make going out of the city a hassle and pain…

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