Tangled Up In Jews

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  1. Ori says:

    The statement laid bare something more. Not only is a “country called Israel” illegitimate in the signatories’ eyes; so is “a nation called Israel.” Perhaps that means Israeli citizens – disturbing enough. Or perhaps it means the “Israel” of antiquity, who carry the name that G-d bestowed on their forefather Jacob.

    Most people reading this blog know that “Israel” had been used in the past to mean the Jewish people as a whole, and is sometimes still used in that context – for example, in the Shma prayer. But why would Iranian parliamentarians know this? If you can read the Arab script and look in Wikipedia, you can see that in their language Jews are called “Yahudian” and the state of Israel is called “Israil”.

    I’m not saying the Iranian government is not clearly evil – it is. But in this particular case there’s no reason to read more into their statement than is actually there.

  2. YM says:

    As mentioned in a recent book (Anti-Jewish Phenomenon, by
    Rabbi Benzion Allswang, Ph.D, published by Feldheim),
    anti-semitism is a three-step process:
    1) Attacks on Jewish nationhood (Israel is Illegitimate)
    2) Attacks on the Jewish religion (Convert or Die)
    3) Attacks on the Jewish body (Death to the Jews)
    Anyone who says that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist (with the exception of the Neturi Karta and others of their ilk) is anti-semetic

  3. Baruch Pelta says:

    “The Agudath Israel movement is not part of either the secular or religious Zionist camps, and indeed was founded in 1912 in large part to distinguish itself from both the part of the Jewish world that saw a Jewish state as a high political ideal and the part that invested the quest for a contemporary Jewish state with spiritual significance.”

    Hm? I thought the Agudah was much more pluralistic back then. Hence, a certain already Zionistic R’ Meir bar-Ilan was able to attend the(1st Knessiah Gedolah) and pledge his hopes — and if I’m recalling correctly, his allegiance — to the organization.

  4. dovid says:

    “I click the messages away, unopened, to e-mail Hades.”

    Rabbi Shafran, would you call me naive if I suggested that next time you get an unsolicited e-mail from this character, you return it with a one-word comment: UNSUBSCRIBE? Maybe, maybe he gets the drift. With best wishes.

  5. dovid says:

    “…we cannot recognize a nation called Israel.”

    Will Naturei Karta finally take heed to what we already knew that anti-Semites of the Hitlerite bent don’t distinguish between “good” Jews like Naturei Karta and “bad” Jews like the rest of us?

  6. David says:

    Wow, poor Mr. Mashai must not have been copied on the memo… actually, he must have missed every memo issued by any Iranian government agency since 1979! Still, it was a nice thought!

  7. Jacob Haller says:

    “He first wrote me a year or so ago with a pleasant note about an article I had written about Jewish ethics. When I thanked him, though, he quickly turned the topic to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

    This is typical nowadays. Self-styled intellectual authorities first (attempt to) soften us with their admiration of things Jewish. But apparently, this admiration is limited solely to the abstract. Following the soft soap is what they sanctimoniously claim to be in our “best interests” – washing us down with acid.

  8. Gershon Seif says:

    Nice title, for those reading between the lines. Bob Dylan, I mean Robert Zimmerman, is oich a Yid!

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