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Justifying Murder

My friend, Rabbi Avrohom Cohen, editor of the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society which I publish as president of the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School, has said to me often about our fellow Orthodox,...


A Chanukah story for our times

Baltimore Jewish Times December 17, 2004 Last week most of the senior Torah authorities and yeshiva heads in Israel held an emergency gathering to discuss the pernicious effects of the new generation cell phones...


The Iowa Issue

Except for one point, I do not care to enter the thicket arising from the Rubashkin slaughter house situation, the reason being that I am not qualified to discuss halachic matters. The exception is...


He Finally Got it Right

In a strange reversal of the career of Yochanan Kohen Gadol (who went bad after 80 years – see Talmud Berachos 29A), an illustrious British philosopher has foresaken atheism at the age of 81


The Mail We Get

Is there a point when the flood of letters we receive from Roshei Yeshiva and notable Rabbis seeking our support for needy families, mainly in Israel, becomes a serious communal problem? We need to...


There They Go, Again

The New York Times has been known incorrectly as a Jewish newspaper for over a century. Even when its publishers were Jewish — and the present-day Sulzberger is a practicing Christian, son of a...

Who Ya Gonna Believe?

If celebrity endorsements count for anything, Chanuka is in good shape this year. After decades of listening to non-Orthodox rabbis voice their doubts about the miracle of the oil (after all, why should it...

Blackstone, Meet Maimonides

A colleague at Loyola Law School, who happens to be the President of the Board of the Southern California ACLU, was surprised when I told him that Jewish Law had Blackstone beat by hundreds...


Why We Need This Blog

Last night, someone shared with me a recent episode of Law & Order. I don’t think this episode would have aired while Stephen Hill, one of the entertainment world’s more famous baalei teshuva, was...

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