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Why We Need This Blog

Last night, someone shared with me a recent episode of Law & Order. I don’t think this episode would have aired while Stephen Hill, one of the entertainment world’s more famous baalei teshuva, was...

The new anti-Semitism

A few weeks ago, a colleague (Rabbi Yitz Etshalom) and I agreed to appear on a radio program called Focus on the Mideast. The station is ultra-leftist (Marxist would be more accurate); the host...

This is amazing

I just stumbled across Uri Zohar’s new web site. Uri Zohar was an Israeli movie star, both as an actor and director, before he became religious. He’s now on a campaign to save children...


This is the new beginning… a blog that will deliver to the Jewish world the same level of insightful, intelligent, and fun commentary that the best political blogs have brought. In other words,

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