The Iowa Issue

Except for one point, I do not care to enter the thicket arising from the Rubashkin slaughter house situation, the reason being that I am not qualified to discuss halachic matters. The exception is the question of whether we need to respond to every criticism of slaughter house procedures by invoking the twin spectres of anti-Semitism and anti-schechita. All human activity is clearly subject to error and it already appears from the reaction of the Orthodox Union and the Rubashkins that certain of the procedures used in Iowa are not necessary to protect the integrity of schechita. Put otherwise, mistakes � and they may have been serious � were made.

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2 Responses

  1. Brother Bob says:

    What mistakes?

    PETA has clearly stated an anti-Shechitah (as a subset of all animal slaughter) agenda. And if not being bothered by the murder of Jews is not anti-semitism, when someone has a strange agenda.
    So you are saying is that PETA, despite being publically anti-Shechitah & anti-semitic, is correct, then say so. But few can claim that PETA is neither anti-semitic nor anti-shechitah.

  2. David says:

    There is a better way to do the Kosher Slaughter. Just go to Temple Grandin’s web site and see abetter way exists and it has been aproved.

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