Tikvah Yeshiva Program For Men – Now Accepting Applications

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2 Responses

  1. Yehoshua says:

    Suggested edit for the post: “it is designed for the student with serious yeshiva background who desires the stimulation of good company, masterful presentations by celebrated right-wing conservative experts, and exposure to new right-wing conservative ideas in the realms of Torah hashkafah and its practical application to public policy

    [YA – No edit needed. And only half true. The political ideas presented by Tikvah are sponsored by an organization that openly and proudly espouses conservative values.(Not particularly right-wing ones; they are closer to what a century ago would have been called liberal) They don’t hide this. The presenters, as well as the material they present, are all over the spectrum. Students read from both sides of the aisle. In the case of the Orthodox community, it is less of an uphill battle to get them to more fully understand conservative values, because most bnei Torah today lean in that direction without any exposure to Edmund Burke. (But Burke helps them “get it” more intensely. As far as the Torah hashkafah – no way! Just general exposure to ideas about tzibbur, about responsibility, about kiddush Hashem, and about relating to non-Jews and the non-Jewish world. Nothing “right-wing conservative” about that. ]

  2. Aaron says:

    I like the way that you refer to William Kristol as “the acknowledged dean of American neo-conservatism, and right now very much in the cross-hairs of the alt.-right people upset with his integrity” As a once avid reader of The Weekly Standard, I am no great fan of the man who bears at least some responsibility for the Iraq War and the political rise of Sarah Palin. However on your above point I will agree. We should all have such integrity of principles #NeverTrump.

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