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3 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    As of last week, would Leilani/Leah still be considered Jewish?

    Because if not, it would take something away from the story, wouldn’t it?

  2. LOberstein says:

    I agree that each of us represents Torah Judaism to the outside. Thus, we impact on people without being aware. I think that it is hard to always be an “exemplar”. People want to live their lives and don’t want to always be viewed as the standard bearer of Judaism. I would compare it to growing up as the rabbi’s kids in a non observant community. Everyone is always looking at you and ,if you do something normal for a kid, you are still criticized since you are the child of the rabbi. The orthodox are all rabbis in the minds of the general public.
    My point is that you are right but it is still hard.

  3. Chaye Netzach says:

    Of course we should pay attention to every message we give, and this is true also outside of Shul. In any case, the boy was wrong to stop saying kaddish on his mother’s yahrtzeits. Actually, we deal with kind of cases. If you hear of any Jew who does not receive proper Kaddish, please tell us (100% free service): http://www.shabes.net/netzach/english.htm

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