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3 Responses

  1. Mycroft says:

    Rabbi Grodimer:
    I read your JA article and listened to your interview with Steve Savitsky about Rabbinic dignity. I essentially agree with you on both. If I had to be picky I might emphasize that it is the Rabbis duty to be there for his congregants even at the expense of his personal learning. R’L a person losing a child, kids getting into trouble etc. Of course, it should go without saying that a Rav should at least acknowledge any personal e mails sent to him by a congregant, answer telephone calls, be available for congregants.
    As one Rav once told me a Rav who does not concern himself with congregants etc and is paid is guilty of gneivah-getting paid and not doing the job youre being paid for.
    Naturally like any Jew one would expect a Rav to learn in his spare time but as a congregant I expect and deserve answers from a Rav if needed. If he wants to only give shiurim become a Rebbe or RY both are important functions but a Rav engages in chesed work-if not interested do something else

  2. Shades of Gray says:

    Re. the interview with Steve Savitsky:

    1) I once went hiking with a rosh yeshiva who, as mentioned, dressed in a “dignified way as a hiker”.

    2) R. Chaim Brisker said the role of a rabbi is “to protect the dignity of the poor”; nevertheless, he can delegate the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, as per Yisro.

    3) R. Emanuel Feldman, in “Tales Out of Shul”, discusses the balance between a rabbi being “one of the boys” vs. “me’urav im habriyos”.

  3. Reuven Ungar says:

    Rav Gordimer- may Hashem bless you with good health! I was pained to hear of your ordeal, going forward may you have what Yaakov Avinu desired.

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