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3 Responses

  1. lacosta says:

    >>>So the fact that one particular Charedi Rabbi might have grown up using expressions such as “nanu nanu” and “shazbat” with his friends, have studied probability theory, psychology and sociology (though, without apology, none of the requisite textbooks expressed the depth of understanding of human nature found in Sifrei Mussar or a Daf Gemarah), and count as immediate family a (medical) Doctor, a veteran educator with a Master’s in education and counseling, and the Director of an institute devoted to the study of human behavior… all of that makes no difference

    —- but kvod harav, you didn’t clarify 1] if any of these items happened pre-charedi life 2] if the family members listed are charedi 3] which of them could happen in your children’s universe

    in fairness, we can’t take eg baalei teshuva who have talents acquired in ‘a previous life’, and use them as examples of ‘you can be O/charedi and still _____ ‘ , when in fact you can’t , either because of how one reads halachic norms, or do to massive social pressure/fear-of-shidduchim….

    is there a concept of Truth-in-advertising in kiruv?

  2. Yaakov Menken says:

    Honestly, lacosta, even if you were right — which you aren’t — you’ve entirely missed the point of the article. I do have, of course, all of those things in my background, and yet the assumption was made that I can’t possibly understand all of those things by virtue of being a charedi rabbi.

    And in that way, your comment is on topic after all, because the idea that one cannot be a Talmid chacham and a medical doctor, researcher or scientist is also contrary to both theoretical and actual reality — but again, that stereotype of what a Rabbi is or isn’t comes into play.

  3. cvmay says:

    R. Menken,

    Opinions are a dime a dozen, don’t get hassled or annoyed by them.
    Shana Tova Umetuka.

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