Ultra-Orthodox Ministers Are Some of Israel’s Best

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6 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    This piece refers to “…the average Ha’aretz reader, bombarded by Madison Avenue imagery.”
    Anyone exposed to our glossy frum magazines will realize that we’re somehow not immune to conspicuous consumption. They run the ads because the ads work!

    • Yaakov Menken says:

      Yes, but — in context, not relevant. Of course the ads work! B”H it seems my euphemistic reference to “Madison Avenue imagery” went right on past you, which is a sign that you are, fortunately, under-exposed to the type of imagery to which I intended to refer.

      My point is that the Ha’aretz readership, a group “bombarded by Madison Avenue imagery” [and perhaps now, hameyvin yavin] is looking at the Charedim, whose leading figures rail against choosing a marriage partner based upon looks, and enjoying articles criticizing the Charedim for focusing upon externals. It is obvious that something very different (and far more hypocritical) than sincere criticism is at work.

  2. Y. Ben-David says:

    Gidon Levy’s love affair with the Haredim is not based on any real appreciation for them, it is rather because some like him on the Left feel that the tensions existing between the Haredim and the National Religious (i.e. Religious Zionist) camp will make them potential political allies if the time ever comes to expel Jews from the communities of Judea/Samaria as happened in Gush Katif. This group also prefers the “official” Judaism of Israel, as reflected in the Chief Rabbinate to be Haredi because they feel this is less attractive to the secular majority in Israel than the Religious Zionists who do serve in the IDF and more fully participate in the life of the country than do the Haredim.

  3. cvmay says:

    Quite unusual to have Ha’aretz give the Religious Olem a compliment.
    Let’s accept and earn the compliment.

  4. sima irhakodesh says:

    Some of the secular elite & left wing journalists are prepared to hold hands, send compliments to the ultra CHAREDI MK – in order to facilitate a future allegiance, coalition building & assured votes for peace plans..

    Seculars & even religious parties continue to eye upcoming coalition building.
    “birds of a feather flock together” may be the underlying cause to eventually ‘sell out the settlers & settlements’ & fund each party’s sectarian needs.
    Just keep in mind this time it will not be so simple since Betar, Givat zev, Modiim & Ramot are Chardei “settlements”.

  5. MU says:

    Ha’aretz is not as bad on Haredim as Ynet, which so many of us read. It’s a known fact in Israel. Lapid was in Yediot .

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