Do We Care About a Jewish Israel?

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9 Responses

  1. Jblog Reviewer says:

    I’m not sure all Orthodox Jews (including Gedolim) fully agree with all of this. Is it really a good idea to legislate things like Shmiras Shabbos through the Knesset? Maybe a certain separation of “synagogue” and State is better in Israel. It will cause less antagonism and probably be better for Kiruv in the long-term. At least that is my gut reaction.

  2. David Z says:

    So depressing, but go team!

  3. Doron Beckerman says:

    A good first step would be to avoid obfuscation. Identify the political parties abetting this anti-Jewish agenda, and make it abundantly clear that Orthodox Jews have no business supporting them, never mind appearing on their Knesset lists. Every single party in the current government has Kippah-clad MKs.

  4. ben dov says:

    “[Rabbanim] publicly called upon thousands of women to participate – creating a powerful response which greatly blunted the impact of the Women Of the Wall.”

    Women for the Wall is a good idea. However, I recall when there was a frum female prayer rally at the Kosel, male frum extremists showed up and got the lion’s share of media attention. In other words, the idea backfired. Take action, but with prudence. Beware that the road to frum Jews looking bad is paved with good intentions.

  5. DF says:

    Rabbi Lerner is confusing three different items:

    “Women of the Wall” is a feminist/reform agenda, and Rabbi Lerner is right about that. It’s a foreign agenda that the average Israeli, man or woman, has no interest in.

    Opening shops on Shabbos is very much a domestic Israeli concern. Though I can see why national institutions not be open on Shabbos, I’m not sure its our business, or even in our interest, to foist that requirement on local transportation or local merchants.

    Geirus is a hopelessly confused subject. From the vantage point of someone not in the practicing rabbinate, it’s amazing how much attention, and how many scandals, have been associated with this topic over the past five or six years. Everyone seems to agree on the basics, but no one seems to be able to define the requirement of קבלת המצות. Its like trying to nail a jellyfish to a wall. Frankly, I don’t know what the lobbyists of any stripe are trying to accomplish, and all the battles over it are mystifying.

  6. Yaakov Menken says:

    Ben Dov, as one of those who closely observed the Wall situation, I can say that you’ve placed the cart before the horse. The bochurim were attracting the attention before Women For the Wall showed up. W4W is what got them to go away. No, it didn’t happen immediately, and yes, the media focused their attention upon the bochurim despite 10,000+ women there. Women of the Wall, of course, could be counted upon to lie and slander 10,000 silent women, accusing them of jeering, spitting, and shouting, when video from the event is quite clear. Nonetheless — it worked, and amazingly so. WOW completely lost their thunder for over a year, until they started a new “Bat Mitzvah” campaign to push their agenda — as if girls couldn’t have whatever ceremony they wanted at Bennet’s “Ezrat Yisrael” platform. They’ve run out of steam, and it was thanks to W4W.

  7. dr, bill says:

    In the spirit of Ahavat Chinom mentioned above, I would suggest that areas that have support from many recognized leaders of a particular stream of religious Jewry be given the benefit of the doubt. The opinions of major (chareidi) poskim on similar issues has been that while they personally disagree with X, rabbis who agree to X have the right to their POV and should certainly not be attacked.

  8. DavidF says:

    Rabbi Lerner is making some excellent points. I hope that this will lead to action, not just a nodding of the head.

  9. raizel says:

    Agree with Rabbi Lerner. The establishment jewish organizations and the conservative and reform movements in the U.S. are like the enemy within. Trying to push the heretical deviation of Torah in Eretz HaKodesh is beyond the pale. This is what’s called chotim u’machtim. As long as this goes on and the Jewish state also allowing even missionaries is what, believe, the reason for the violence taking place now in EY. Trouble is that Jews do not know how to unite, even at the expense of their survival. All Torah true Jews must unite with one heart and mind to stand up against all these chilulei H’. All religious factions, Ashkenazai, Sephardi, Chassidim, Litvish, must forget their own egos and just stand for our Torah and the Jews of Israel. Bad enough the assimilation and intermarriage which has plagued the American/European, etc Jews throughout galut is now being pushed to further this tzorah in Israel with the help of those in leadership who seem to be helping with the deJudaization of the State.

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