Why Kids’ Clothing Harms Women

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4 Responses

  1. Sharona says:

    It’s interesting. I was thinking the opposite a few weeks ago. “women perpetuate their own victimhood”
    It saddens me when girls in, for example, sororities tease people and then wonder why they are not respected.

    It also saddens me when people don’t receive the joy and beauty that our heritage has. We need to do a better job of helping our children to internalize the good values that heritage has

  2. Steve Brizel says:

    Frimet Goldberger’s comment to the effect that adherence to Tznius “continues a cycle in which women perpetuate their own victimhood” is yet another example of the cottage industry of formerly charedi women describe their evolution away from Charedi norms into secular society’s norms and values. The writings are universally boring in their depiction of questions unanswered, discarding of halacha and minhagim, and being “discovered” by the Forward and secular feminists, etc.

  3. shaul shapira says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to lump Frimet Goldebrger together with Deborah Feldman. Her expose of Feldman’s fictional autobiography seems to establish her as bit more reliable than that.

  4. Steve Brizel says:

    I think that the simple response to such a column is that the “less is more” standard of women’s dress objectifies women as sex objects, and that Tznius makes both genders to look beyond such an exterior -driven and physically limited sense of understanding the opposite gender.

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