A Kiddush Hashem Goes Viral

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5 Responses

  1. Raymond says:

    I apologize for tooting my own horn in what I am about to say, but back in the day when I had no car and rode public buses for many years, people fell asleep on my shoulders fairly often. I feel comfortable recounting this about myself, because in all honesty, I never thought this was such a big deal at all. On the contrary, it would have not been decent of me at all to not let them do that. They were obviously exhausted, and I felt good about playing a role in letting them catch up on their sleep. Again, no big deal at all to me, nor would I think that it would be to anybody else.

  2. Baruch says:

    Raymond – I wonder if maybe the sensation this ha generated signifies the growing selfishness of society, with everybody looking out for themselves, because of which people were surprised about what this fellow did. I hate to paint this otherwise heartwarming story in a negative light, but this could be what’s happening.

  3. Raymond says:

    Barach, you may be right. Seriously, what great feat of kindness did I engage in when letting people rest their sleeping head on my shoulder? I literally did nothing. Rather, I simply avoided doing the inconsiderate thing of NOT letting them do that. If this tiny gesture that I did is an example of great kindness, then yes, our society is in deep trouble.

    Actually there are many other indications that our society is doing downhill, but I better not get into all that right now.

  4. Zadok says:

    I was once offered a job that the employer knew I wasn’t yet qualified for because his experience working with people who wore Yarmelkes was so positive he was willing to overlook my inexperience.

  5. cvmay says:

    the simple average Joes (or Ahmeds) on the street who still very much believe in us

    The average AHMEDS do not and never did believe, trust or care for us!!!

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