Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth, A Thankless Child Author

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4 Responses

  1. lacosta says:

    Prager always talks about feelings are less important than actions…and we are only punished for machshavah by avodah zora..
    maybe by goyim there is an onesh for machshavah as well as maaseh , but is a ben noach chayav in kibud av va’em?

    [YA – Shtei teshuvos be-davar:
    1) A ben Noach is quite possibly obligated in all matters of character and midos. He is also obligated according to some in matters that are considered fully sichli – rational. See the hakdamah of R Nissim Gaon to Shas.
    2)I believe that lots of our chevra make a serious error in looking to the Sheva Mitzvos as a complete system for spiritual significance and fulfillment. First of all, thee is a dispute as to whether the Sheva are a minimal system to preserve social order (Rambam) or a religion for non-Jews (the Chinuch). Even according to the latter, it is a mistake to believe that the law for non-Jews spells out all that a non-Jew needs to find happiness. The law makes some demands normative. Other expectations can’t be made into law, because they cannot be expected of all people. Yet a spiritual seeker would be able to distill certain lessons from our Torah and apply them to his life, even though he would not be practicing the law itself. A non-Jew could and perhaps should detect in the laws of kibud av truths about hakaras ha-tov and other values. Without obligating himself in all the nuances of Jewish halacha, he should be able to take away a certain ethic. That ethic will make him happier (See Malbim on the the Fifth Dibbur in his discussion of it in Yisro.)

    If a non-Jew asked you whether sleeping around is forbidden to him by the Sheva mitzvos, you would have to say “no,” assuming he avoids married women and a few relatives. Should you then encourage him to use his freedom? Or should the lessons and ethos of many halachos that apply to us tell you to counsel him in a different approach?

    To me, the answer is obvious.]

  2. lacosta says:

    …nothing i stated detracts from the odiousness of her remarks , her moral, and her ethics…no wonder why there is a place for her on National Public Radio…..

  3. narc says:

    “yet stays just on the right side of narcissism…”

    is the correct side the left?
    groucho marx was interviewing a woman who said she was approaching thirty. to which he asked, from which side?…

    “She may be the center of her own universe, but she does a good job in inviting visitors to tour the most interesting parts of it.”

    in other words, she thinks her idiosyncratic life is of great interest and a worthy point from which to generalize about marriage in general, elder care, parent-child relationships etc a good working definition of narcisssism.

  4. YEA says:

    The line that not everything that’s thought has to be said etc. has also been attributed to the Kotzker Rebbe.

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