Jewish Influence

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5 Responses

  1. lawrence kaplan. says:

    Who is “the Orthodox woman teacher, lecturer, and life guide who passed on two years ago”?

  2. Rabbi Avi Shafran says:

    Rebbetzin Zahava Braunstein, z”l

  3. HILLEL says:

    “V’Ish LeFi MaHallolo!”–(Proverbs)

    The list simply reveals the priorities of the compiler of the list.

  4. EASTERNER says:

    please add, from another camp, nechama lebowitz, whose writings and teachings will influence Modern Orthodox tora study for generations

  5. Doron Beckerman says:

    This article is pithily summarized by the Gemara in Megilla. Before Mordechai became the second to the king, he was listed fourth among the Chachamim. Afterwards, he was listed fifth.

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