The California Governor’s Race, Rebbi and Antoninus, and Israeli Ingenuity

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6 Responses

  1. Raymond says:

    So Israel is supposedly moving toward a workable electric-run car. I remain skeptical about that. Ever since I was a teenager, I have heard about imminent success in using alternative energy sources, as well as the promise of peace in the Middle East. I would not hold my breath anticipating any meaningful positive results on either front.

    As for the governor’s race between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman, people who know me may be shocked and puzzled by what I am about to say, but I have always really liked Jerry Brown. Every time I hear him speak, or interviewed, I am impressed by his obvious brilliance, his gentle tone, his naturalness, just the sense of him being his real self without any pretensions. I suppose he is a philosopher of sorts, which resonates very much with my own nature. I frankly would not be all that upset if he becomes our next Governor.

    Having said that, I do plan to cast my vote for Meg Whitman, partially because we need a no nonsense business person like her in our troubled economy, but also because she is a Republican. While I normally see merit in voting for the person rather than a blanket endorsement for either major political party, the upcoming elections are different. The man currently occupying our White House is at war with both the United States as well as the Jewish State of Israel. My vote for Meg Whitman is not really a vote for her per se, but a vote to at least symbolically take away power from Barack Hussein Obama. It is Israel I care about, not Meg Whitman or Jerry Brown.

  2. Shimshon says:

    Even though you say Whitman and Brown “could not be more different,” you don’t provide a single instance of their differences! Are they actually real differences, or just matters of degree? Does Whitman propose radically reducing the size of the state government? Does she propose eliminating the state income tax? Corporate taxes? Regulations? How about rescinding the right of state employees to unionize (as bad as private unions are, at least management can be said to actually have some skin in negotiating with them; public unions and management are both on the same side of bigger government). California is one of the, if not the, worst states in the country to do business. It has some of the highest taxes and most strangling regulations.

    Maybe Whitman is more favorably disposed to Israel, but given that states have no role in foreign relations, that attitude should not be the final arbiter of which candidate to select. I posit that Whitman and Brown really are not all that different.

    Look at what a failure Schwarzenegger has been! Only now, as a lame duck, has he even started to talk strongly about the serious problems facing California, and which he bears a large amount of blame for.

    Give me a candidate like Chris Christie of New Jersey, and I’ll believe it when you say there are real differences between the candidates. My guess, and it’s based on experience, is that Whitman’s so-called lack of preconceived notions, means her outlook is shaped by general consensus of not eliminating any of what ails the state and papering over the problems for as long as possible, just as the current governor has done, Republican party affiliation notwithstanding.

  3. Bob Miller says:

    If we can’t convincingly shake the habit of voting automatically for Democrats, our influence, even on Democrats, will continue to decline. Someone as off-the-wall as Jerry Brown deserves no Jewish votes.

  4. aron feldman says:

    Governor Moon Beam has has shown in the past to be in the extreme left,just because he has some frum friends can he be trusted.This women seems to put her money where her mouth is with regard to the Israel investment initiative

  5. aron feldman says:

    While we are on the subject of Jewish friends,just because a politician might have them,by no means does he always listen to them.For example Ben Cardin (a Jew) has many Jewish and even Orthodox apologists,yet all we Jews have gotten from him is steadfast support for a Palestinian State and years of tepid (at best) support and concern for Israels security

  6. Barry says:

    Using google and google news, it doesn’t appear that Ms. Whitman has ever said ANYTHING publicly about Israel, let alone the cheerful news that Ari has invented. We know that her claim, at the beginning of her Bio that has always liked California, based, apparently on her trip there with her mother as a young girl is a little suspect, as she didn’t run to California after she graduated from high school, or graduated college, or her first couple of jobs. In fact she didn’t move to California until many years later because her Surgeon husband got a job there. And of course, she never voted for someone who has a history of backing Israel, because she didn’t vote for anyone, because she just wasn’t registered to vote until recently. I’m not saying she is a bad person, just that politics apparently wasn’t important to her until she decided to toss 50 million (or was it 100 million or just how much was it?) of her own money into her election. Of course it is her own money, and she can do whatever she wants with it, but ask yourself what does this hardbitten, tough business woman expect to get for her 100 million? I don’t know. Maybe you can ask Ari and he can tell you.

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