Why Palestinian Incitement Matters

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5 Responses

  1. aron feldman says:

    Shimon Peres once remarked, “I don’t care what the Palestinians say, only what’s written in the agreements.” But what the Palestinians say to one another, and particularly what they teach their children is far more important that what’s written in peace agreements.

    That statement in a nutshell is why Oslo has been such a failure!

  2. L. Oberstein says:

    The news of the Palestinian American who murdered his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood has overtaken the issue of Palestinian lies. Here is someone who because he is a Moslem, even though he is a MD and a Psychiatrist at that, can become a virtual suicide bomber tells us a lot about who we are fighting. I wonder how this will affect the American people’s attitude towards Moslems in general and Arabs in particular. I know that they are scrambling to condemt the act,but feelings are feelings.

  3. aron feldman says:

    And don’t forget Suha Arafat’s accusation to Hilary Clinton that Israel poisons Palestinian wells

    Who can forget Hillary’s pathetic excuse for not taking Suha Arafat to task for spreading this canard

  4. aron feldman says:

    While Shimon Peres and many other of the Israeli elites refuse to admit that every time Arafat
    spat on them they would say it’s raining,it was no coincidence that the Palestinian incitement only got worse after Oslo!

    It was common knowledge that Arafat used the whole Peace Process to A)fatten his bank account B) wear the Israelis down by his extracting endless concessions,one should read the transcipts of his speeches in Arabic to see what his true intentions were

  5. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    I am currently reading Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations. He admits that no hypothesis for explaining the relationships among world powers can totally explain the complex behavior of multiple states belonging to multiple cultures. But he is noticeably unable to fit Israel and the Jewish culture/religion/civilization anywhere despite the imperative necessity of explaining the world’s very strong reactions toward the Jews and Israel. The Torah says that Israel is am levadad yishkon, a people that dwells alone and is not reckoned among the nations. Non-Torah Jews and most non-Jews are stymied by this situation. In 1993 with the Oslo agreement, Rabin pronounced “lo od am levadad yishkon”, no longer are we a people that dwells alone. After another intifada, many missiles, expulsion of Jews from their homes, the expansion of inimical Wahhabi and Shiite Islam in the world including the West, and the Barack Hussein Obama administration in the US, we are more alone than ever. Individuals honor, support and love us, some for dubious reasons, but overall we are the odd man out in the world. The lacunae in Huntington’s work recapitulate the late Arnold Toynbee, who also didn’t know what to do with the Jews. In a debate in Montreal in 1964 against Yaakov Herzog z”l Toynbee was considered to have lost completely. Three years after Toynbee declared the Jews a fossil came the Six Day War. Yes, it all matters, and the basis of it matters most of all.

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