Gimme That Really Old Time Religion

What happens when you mix the flair of a Southern Baptist preacher with a bit of Torah enlightenment?


[Thanks to Dr. Shmuel Lebovics, Los Angeles]

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6 Responses

  1. S says:

    “….so I brought a lot scary looking black males so they stayed on the porch where I was, but that wasn’t new to me. My grandfather was the head of the Klu Klax Klan when I was a kid, so I had grown up with that sort of atmosphere.”

    It is interesting how the first man suggets that the skin color of the African American males was what scared the other church members and what stopped the other congregants from throwing them out the church. Even though this man acknowledges the Noahide laws by supporting the preacher, it seems to me that some prejudices, rooted deep in the Southern culture, still exist within his community.

    At the end, when the two men were asked whether they have thought of converting to Judaism, it seems like part of their wavering was due to the slight prejudices they still had against Jews.

    It is good they accept the Noahide laws, though.

  2. Phil says:

    Though the video said “the Bnei Noah have no liturgy of their own,” if you google on “Noahide siddur,” you will indeed find some hits. That was not an endorsement however, since I once met the author of such a siddur and I didn’t get a warm feeling about what she was telling me.

    I sometimes feel sorry for Noahides for not having any holidays, and thought that the 17th of Cheshvan (when the Flood ended) might be an interesting candidate. Then again, maybe it’s best that they don’t do that. Not sure…

  3. Raymond says:

    This is such a wonderful video that just cannot help but bring a smile to any Jew watching it. If all gentiles would be like the people in this video, we would no longer need the Messiah, because we would already have peace on Earth.

    One thing I wonder about Noachides, though, is how they can feel satisfied living that way. I admire them for going as far as they do, yet if I were a Noachide, it would not be enough for me. I would want something with more substance to it. I suppose I am saying this both because I have an endlessly curious mind, plus decades long study of Judaism. We Jews have such a rich, deep, scholarly heritage, that there really is no end to it. As difficult as the world makes it to be a Jew, I am eternally grateful to G-d for making me one.

  4. Stan says:

    The man says “black belts”, not black males!

  5. Martin says:

    I am surprised to see that the Saunders family “keeps Shabbos.” I don’t know what form their observance takes. However, as sincere B’Nai Noach, they should certainly be aware or made aware that if is biblically forbidden for Non-Jews to “Keep Shabbos.” The penalty for this transgression is very severe, if I’m not mistaken, i.e. death.
    So I hope that they do something every Shabbos to desecrate the Shabbos.

  6. Fred says:

    amazing story- he seems like a real character. I especially like the tattoo on his arm.

    I”m also glad to see the comments are positive. People like this are often more sincere than a lot of Jews; with that I hope they will always receive support from us.

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