Pray for the Gazan Boy

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5 Responses

  1. YM says:

    The Times headline yesterday was something like “Israel refuses ceasefire”; there was no explanation that the ceasefire that Israel was refusing was a UNILATERAL ceasefire. Do you think this was designed to deliberitly tar Israel?

  2. DF says:

    Rabbi Shafran, many of my chaverim have made the same point in various contexts: that you and the Agudah are overly preoccupied with the New York Times. Why not treat it with the same policy with which Reform was treated – refusing to engage, for fear of conferrng legitimacy? By fussing over this or that statement from the paper, and rushing to respond every time another anti-semitic or anti-religious comment appears, you them a kind of legitimacy. 30 years ago it might have been necesary to deal with them, but not in this day of blogs and alternative media. There are thousands of media outlets. Would you kindly explain for us why you feel it so necessary to respond to them.

    On that note, and in connection with a recent post, for 50 years the Agudah has refused to meet with Reform for fear of conferring legitimacy, yet now Rabbi Shafran deigns to respond to the riddiculous notion that is “Hechsher Tzedek”?? Either the response to Reform has been wrong for 50 years, or the response to this latest and soon-to-be-forgotten kashrus brainstorm was mistaken, but they cannot both be correct.

  3. shunamit says:

    You never know.

  4. Michael says:

    I don’t understand DF’s comment at all.

    How is an article criticizing the NY Times “engaging” with them similar to sitting down with some Reform “Rabbi” and giving him credibility and legitimacy?

    The Agudah has never held back from pointing out that the Reform and Conservative movements are leading nowhere. Nor should they!

    That’s a very illogical comment, and sounds more like Agudah-bashing than anything else.

  5. Sammy Finkelman says:

    The article reportyed a total of 6 (the muirder witnessed by a New york times reporter and five others) former prisoners probably were killed by hamas that day in teh hospital.

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