Remarks at a Community Gathering For the Kedoshim

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6 Responses

  1. Harry Maryles says:

    Amen. I would add the following.

    Once again – just as we were united when the Merkaz HaRav students were brutally massacred, so too are we now united. For us at this moment in time we are one. There is no Lubavitch. There is no Charedi Judaism, There is no Religious Zionism, Centrism, or Modern Orthodoxy. We are all one people mourning the loss of fellow Jews who were massacred sanctifying the Name of the Lord. May God – avenge their blood!

    I asked this question at the time of the Merkaz HaRav massacre: Why does it take a tragedy like this to unite us? Why can’t we all just respect each other’s differences? This does not mean we can’t debate them. We should. And the debate can – and perhaps should – be passionate. But there ought to be a level of respect – and that always seems to be missing. As I and many others constantly say, what unites us is far greater than what divides us.

  2. anonymous says:

    The finest thoughts and words yet so far. I cry when I think of Moshe Tzvi, Rabbi and Rebbetzen Holtzberg’s child crying, “Mommy, mommy” at the memorial in Mumbai. It breaks my heart. Please Hashem avenge the spilled blood of your martyred servants.
    TeshuvahTorah study, G’milut chessadim-let’s bring Moshiach, already, Please!

  3. lacosta says:

    to r HM i must point out that we as jews are nothing if not judgemental— kosher,trayf , muttar shayla. these are life-and-death issues in our eyes.

    so jews perforce must judge their brethren- derech- kosher , treyf, shtus, avoda zara etc.

    since judaism -at least frum judaism — is essentially Borer, we naturally are mevarer who of our brethren are kosher and who are off-the-derech: which may include R,C,MO, chabad, meshichist chabad, yeshivish, chassidish etc. we have all judged .

    some people actually ask for slicha al chet shechatanu beflilut….

  4. Bob Miller says:

    FYI, a recent follow-up to the Merkaz HaRav story:

  5. cvmay says:

    who should they murder? Should it be the doctor making his hospital rounds, nurses at their stations, a mother shopping for her family, a grandmother walking near the hotel with her grandchild or anyone who just happened to look in their direction?

    Just a point to add to the words of Rabbi Hier, their underlying search was for Westerners (Americans & British)& JEWS!!! A massacre of the Indian population was not the goal of the terrorists. Remember this is a fight to the end, Allah against the supreme Jewish gd.

  6. reality check says:

    Question to lacosta’s unintellugible post: “frum Judaism” is “borer” – and just what is your definition for both these terms? And what are your criteria for your definitions?

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