The Jews Killed Their Mouse

Perhaps Aksa-TV was getting too much flak for using a Mickey Mouse clone to teach children to “annihilate the Jews.” So they decided to take him off the air — but by having a Jewish agent murder their mouse. Normally when a fictional story is based around real-world events, the events and background are truthful. But Tel-Aviv is not stolen Arab land, and according to a French TV investigation, Mohammed Al-Dura was killed by Palestinians firing at an Israeli outpost, not by the Israelis returning fire. Need we mention that Israeli interrogators do not murder those they question?

Children are being educated from birth to hate the Jews, based upon an entirely fictitious rendering of the history of the modern State of Israel and Arab warfare against that state. And somehow this, too, is the Israelis’ fault.

hat tip: Ori Pomerantz

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12 Responses

  1. Ori Pomerantz says:

    The Hamas is not a reality based organization. Unfortunately, given recent events, that doesn’t seem to have hurt them.

  2. JoeSettler says:

    I think they did something quite decent here.

    Unlike US television shows that typically end the season (and even the series) with cliffhangers and ambiguous deaths – leading to viewer frustration, the PA decided not to leave viewers in suspense – the mouse is dead. Period.

    I think that was quite considerate of the show’s producers.

  3. Bob Miller says:

    One hopes that the end of Hamas/Fatah/PA will be just as swift and tidy. If Jewish agents make that happen, all the better.

  4. Jacob Haller says:

    Due partly to the coddling approach of NGOs, the European Union and misguided humanitarianism of types like Jimmy C, the Palestinians are forever condemned to be overgrown adolescents who know nothing of accountability and responsibility.

    Unlike the Sopranos, this show’s fan base will likely not be disappointed by the conclusion.

  5. Shmuel says:

    They couldn’t even bring themselves to put a Magen Dovid on the Israeli flag behind the desk

  6. Loberstein says:

    No subtlety here. The message is clear. What happened to ” A land without a people for a people without a land.”? History may give us rights to the land and the “Palestinian” nation may have only come about because of the failure of their fellow Arabs to assimilate them, but facts can be irrelevant when Palestinians believe this story to be literally true. Jews become baby killers, this is what we call chutzpah. The facts may be what they are but this video is reflective of what most Palestinians including Abu Mazen believe. This is a abitter reality.
    No matter how right our claim is, we cannot become insensitive and loose our Jewish heritage of rachmanim ,bayshanim , gomlei chasadim. That is the tragedy of modern Israeli history, to make a new jew, a kipah wearing Jew who shows no understanding for others, but is inflated with self importance and holier than thou. Both the Arabs and the Jews have lost something because of this endless conflict.

  7. Ahron says:

    Poor Farfour Mouse….

    As I reflect on the timely demise of this foul rodent, I notice an important detail about the actor that Hamas installed into the role of Israeli pest-control agent. It is certainly not by accident that he is a man with black skin, as black Africans (i.e. non-Arabs) are classically viewed with disgust and disdain in Arab-Muslim culture–so much so that the very Arabic word for a black-skinned person is “abid”, the identical word for “slave”. (For one deadly modern example of this attitude, see here.)

    How convenient for Hamas, then, to influence its Islamic base by combining two widely despised “evils” into one: a black man who’s also a Jew?! Can’t get much worse than that!

    I also reflect on where we’ve seen this kind of full spectrum, cradle-to-grave molding of minds into oiled machines of dehumanization and aggression before….

  8. YM says:

    LOberstein is correct, which is why:
    1) It would be great if Israels foreign policy decisions were decided on the basis of halacha and
    2) We need to daven so much-only Tatee can save us-no more 35 minute shacharis’ and 10 minute minchas. Especially during the 3 weeks.

  9. cvmay says:

    To take Mickey Mouse, the idol of children throughout the world as lovable, cute and kind and use him as a propaganda tool shows to what level they (the Arabs) can sink. Walt Disney would never have agreed to this!!

  10. Ori Pomerantz says:

    cvmay, if Walt Disney believed that propaganda was needed, he would be the first one to use his cartoons for that purpose. Donald Duck served during WWII in the commando and had a nightmare that he was a Nazi subject. I assume he used Donald Duck because that character targeted older kids than Mickey Mouse.

    The evil of Hamas isn’t in the use of Mickey Mouse for propaganda purposes. It is in the content of their propaganda. They made a tactical mistake by using an American cartoon character – I expect Tomorrow’s Pioneers to come back to the air soon with another cuddly animal that won’t be recognizable to a US audience. Such a revamped Tomorrow’s Pioneers will be every bit as evil.

  11. Ori Pomerantz says:

    The outcry over having a mickey mouse clone worked. They replaced Farfur with a bee. The message is still the same, though.

  1. August 20, 2007

    […] Today’s Jewish World Review carries an article about Saraa Barhoum, “the young star of Hamas television’s best-known children’s show.” The show is “best known for bringing the world a militant Mickey Mouse look-alike and then having him killed off by an Israeli interrogator.” […]

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