Clean Air Act

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2 Responses

  1. adam says:

    I really do not feel very highly of Lieberman. He has been one of the vost vocal senator’s to keep Jonathan Pollard in jail. Chuck Schumer of NY does feel he should be let out of jail.

    Lieberman has been in full support of homosexual rights.

    Lieberman’s behavior is very disturbing and unfortunately his religious convictions seem hollow to me. It is just keeping Shabbath and Kosher but not much else.

  2. Charles B. Hall says:

    I used to live in Connecticut and Sen. Lieberman, although I’ve never met him, inspired me to become an Orthodox Jew. If he can be a Senator while being Shomer Shabat, I can certainly be a professor while being Shomer Shabat. I supported him during his Vice Presidential campaign and his brief Presidential campaign. And one of the great disappointments to me was the lack of support from his fellow Orthodox Jews. There has never been a politician get so high in American politics who more closely reflects our values, and too many of us panned him for alleged insufficient frumness.

    Regarding his supposed support of homosexual rights, he does oppose employment discrimination against Gays — but so does Yeshiva University. Does Torah require us to engage in employment discrimination? OTOH, Lieberman voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and opposes same sex marriage. In any case, that is not a single issue that makes a candidate radioactive; the *Jewish Press* endorsed Mike Bloomberg and Eliot Spitzer despite the fact that they support same sex marraige.

    Finally, regarding Jonathan Pollard, Sen. Lieberman helped arrange a deal back in 1993 that would have freed him. Some details can be found here:

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