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3 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    It’s very welcome to have a politician be ehrlich.

  2. Toby Katz says:

    My daughter has a classmate with Down’s syndrome in her class — eighth grade in Bais Yakov of Miami. Even though the girl is emotionally and mentally much “younger” than her class, her classmates for the most part are kind and friendly to her. I’ve also seen the girl in shul, sitting next to her mother and davening with great concentration. It is an inspiration to see that child daven.

    B”H for a man like Ehrlich who found a way around the system, but the majority of politicians (especially Democrats) would consider exposure to religion to be such a dangerous thing for a Down syndrome child that it could NEVER be paid for, even indirectly, with public funds. The whole Constitution would be imperilled, don’t you know?!

    There is no doubt in my mind that your daughter learned more math and English in Bais Yakov than she would ever have learned in public school, but in the eyes of most liberals, that advantage was bought at far too high a price: tax money was used to enable a child to pray. Unforgiveable.

    I bet some people will vote against Ehrlich because he helped your child in this way.

  3. Michoel says:

    My wife had the great honor of working with Elisheva in first grade at the Bais Yakov. My wife was very fond of her. Just to give creidt were it is due, my wife was an employee of P’tach, not Bais Yakov. She taught as part of the “inclusion” program developed by the director of P’tach at that time, Rabbi Benstein (as far as I understand). Bais Yakov certainly also deserves tremendous credit for being open to the program. You should have much continued nachas from Elisheva and all your children.

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