Trading Up… for Charity!

Here’s an interesting idea to share with you, based upon a number of anniversaries — and the adventures of a broke Canadian.

First of all, August 1 was the first anniversary of the release of The Everything Torah Book. And second, Chanukah is the thirteenth anniversary of Project Genesis online classes! That’s right… we’re going to have our “Bar Mitzvah” shortly, so we’d like to do something special to prepare.

As you probably know, Project Genesis always needs your support. But in honor of the anniversaries we’d like to try something new.

Have you heard the Red Paper Clip story? Basically, a fellow in Canada decided he wanted a house. The problem was he had no money. His idea was to trade something he did have — a red paper clip — for something of greater value, and repeat the process with trade after trade, until he had a house.

Lo and behold, within a year he had his house. An amazing but true story of the Internet and communications. And he has encouraged “copy cats” — especially for charity.

So, I have here a signed copy of my book, the same one we give to those who donate $100 or more to Project Genesis. But in this case, I’m going to trade it away to the person who offers something of the greatest interest and value for a trade-up.

Then we’ll do the same thing next week, with the high bidder getting whatever we receive this coming week, plus another book for good measure.

There are twenty weeks between now and Chanukah. Think this will work? It will certainly be fun to try….

Contact us if you have something you’d like to trade!

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